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Welcome To NI HomePage!

My name is Nobumi Iyanaga. I am interested in various kinds of things. I hope that you will find in this site something interesting or helpful for you and your work!

Please note that this site is "under construction". I would appreciate any comments or suggestions. Thank you in advance!

Here are some topics:

  • NI Self Introduction
  • Personal Bibliography
  • Personal Link Collection
  • Basic Reference Bibliography in Asian Studies by different members of the electronic discussion group "Pasokon Toohoo-kenkyuu" (Personal Computer and Asian Humanity Studies) in the Japanese commercial BBS called NiftyServe (GO command: FJAMEA MES 11)
  • Buddhism (Buddhist studies and the use of computer) -- At last, I could upload one document ! (12/23/97)
  • Buddhist Mythology HomePage: new_icon picture
  • Various Articles
  • Research Tools and Tips (MacPerl, Frontier, Nisus Writer, n-gram, etc.)
  • Nisus Macros and Nisus/Frontier combo
  • Frontier Page

  • Association des Ami de la Bibliothèque de la Maison Franco-Japonaise Japanese Home Page | French Home Page

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