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Nisus Macros and Nisus/Frontier combo

I am an user of Nisus from its version 3.0.4 onward, and of Nisus Writer 4.0x, 5.0x and 6.x.

I wrote many Nisus macros, some of which can be probably useful for other users. As I am an user of UserLand Frontier, and Nisus Writer, from its version 4.0x, is able to send commands to Frontier with its macro command "Frontier Do Script", I wrote many Nisus macros and Frontier scripts that work together.

Here is a new Nisus/Frontier macro/script set, called Frontier Editor Kit (53K to download)

(odbTextEditorNoTrap v. 0.7a1)

This package contains a Nisus macro file, and some Frontier tables: you will be able to edit your Nisus documents in Frontier word-processor objects, outline objects or string objects, and inversely, you will be able to edit your Frontier wp objects, outline objects and string objects in Nisus Writer. This is a new version of odbTextEditorNoTrap, in which I added:

You can even edit long lines (more than 255 characters) in Frontier outline. You will find a simple ReadMe file in the package. A more detailed user guide is included in suites.odbTextEditorNoTrap.ReadMe.

This is a very early alpha version. Please use it with caution!
This is to be used with Frontier 4.2.3, not with Frontier 5.0

Here is a little macro file

named Batch Process Macros; it will be useful for macro writers. (Uploaded 04-05-05)

rtf to html for Nisus Writer Pro

An AppleScript droplet which will batch convert Nisus Writer rtf files into html files, using Nisus Writer Pro. This is the first Nisus Writer Pro file...


A Perl macro for Nisus Writer Express 2.7 which will import in your frontmost document the styles that are defined in your Nisus New

Make Table for NWE 2.x

A macro set to make easily tables in Nisus Writer Express. It is based on scripts written by Kino-san. Uploaded 06-09-30.

"Essential Files" for Nisus Writer Express

A set of AppleScript macros for NWE 2.7x: these macros try to simulate the menu item "Essential Files" of Classic Nisus Writer.

Perl macros for Nisus Writer Express 2.7x

A pair of AppleScript macros that can be used when you want to write Perl macros or scripts in Nisus Writer Express:

Classic Nisus Writer to Nisus Writer Express (in the Research Tools site)

An AppleScript droplet with which you can convert a bunch of Classic Nisus Writer files to Nisus Writer Express files; it supports the conversion of the special encoding font ITimesSkRom (I can add the support of other non-standard encoding fonts on request...)

Export Classic Nisus Writer Glossaries and Global Replace in NWE

Macro and script set with which you can export your Classic Nisus Writer glossaries; you will use the glossary data via Nisus Writer Express "QuickFix" feature.

Mail merge and address label macros for NWE 2.x

Two Perl macros for NWE 2.x, for mail merging and address label printing. Uploaded 05-07-22.
I uploaded a new version of mail merging macro on 06-10-04.

Convert Classic Nisus files to NWE files with styles

A Classic Nisus macro file and an AppleScript droplet calling a Perl script. This set of macro/scripts is intended to generate rtf files with style sheet from tagged Classic Nisus files. Thus, we can convert Classic Nisus files to Nisus Writer Express 2.x files with styles. Uploaded 05-01-15.

Concatenate_rtf for Nisus Writer Express v. 1.x, v. 2.0.x and TextEdit

A set of utilities to concatenate a bunch of rtf files (for example chapters of a book, to make one single file for the whole book). (new version uploaded 04-10-19). This page replaces the old page which was named "Concatenate_rtf for Nisus Writer Express v. 1.1.2"

Add styles to paragraphs of same style values: Nisus Writer Express v. 2.0.x

A Nisus Writer Express macro (Perl script) that adds style names to paragraphs of style attributes defined in the stylesheet. Uploaded 04-10-19.

Toggle Footnotes/Endnotes macro for Nisus Writer Express v.2.0.x

A Nisus Writer Express macro (Perl script) which toggles footnotes to endnotes, and endnotes to footnotes. Uploaded 04-10-19.
I uploaded a new version for Nisus Writer Express 2.7x [2006-05-20]

Note macros for Nisus Writer Express v. 2.0.x, and Note macros for Classic Nisus Writer

Two macros for Nisus Writer Express 2.0.x : one converts notes in the main text enclosed between the tags "<fn>" and "</fn>" to real footnotes, and the other converts footnotes to notes in the main text enclosed between the tags "<fn>" and "</fn>". And a macro file for Classic Nisus Writer to deal with different aspects of footnotes, "Text Endnotes" and "Notes in Text". [I uploaded three versions of macros for Nisus Writer Express; the final one is for Nisus Writer Express 2.7x. This one should work better...! 2006-05-20]

Here is one macro set

named Hypertext Macro, which will allow to make hypertext-like links between two Nisus document files. These macros use only Nisus Writer built-in macro language (a new version uploaded 28/01/98).
In addition to the original "Hypertext like" and "Document navigator" features, this new version implements some rudimentary Outliner features.
On the other hand, it seems that I have left by inattention some Japanese specific font or personal font in some file(s) (?) included in the previous release of this macro set. I am very sorry for the trouble that this careless mistake may have caused to those who have downloaded it. This time, I take care to not make the same mistake.

new_icon picture Anchor Macro is a little macro set, which will help the user to make easily html "inner document links" in Nisus Writer. (28/12/98)

new_icon picture MacPerl Macros (5K to download)

is a set of macros to be used with MacPerl (or MacJPerl) and Frontier. It requires my Nisus/Frontier Kit v. 1.2 (see below). With these macros, you can use Nisus Writer as a MacPerl editor, check syntax of Perl scripts, or execute Perl scripts on Nisus documents.

I uploaded a new version with some new macros on June 30 1998.

Here are some of my Nisusnisus_macro picture /Frontier frontier_file picture macro/script sets.

I would be very grateful if you could send me your comments, feedback, bug reports, suggestions of improvements on my scripts.
Thank you very much in advance!

new_picon picture As of Wed, Sep 27, 2000...
I began to manage a site made of extracts from the postings to Nisus mailing list and Nisus-Hub mailing list, named Nisus Macros Tips Center. You will find there many interesting tips and macros contributed by the members of these lists. Please visite...!

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