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Here are some downloadable Frontier scripts or script set.

o Please click here to download the alpha version of"Japanese Web Authoring Kit For Frontier" (version uploaded on Wed, Apr 30, 1997).

o Another, newer version of Japanese Web Authoring Kit for Frontier, much faster and certainly better, thanks to the NProcessMacros and TwobyteFixer UCMDs created by Iimori Hideaki-san, is here (alpha version 7, uploaded on Sat, Aug 30, 1997). Many bugs have been fixed thanks to the testing done by Philip Suh in the alpha version 3 (uploaded on Aug 6, 1997); string literals in Japanese in macros can be rendered using a new directive and script objects are supported. This version (alpha 7) adds some changes: a bug has been fixed in the patched glossaryPatcher script, and the way it handles the title directive is more consistent with the html suite. It contains a Code table of SJIS (used by Japanese Mac OS). Some parts of the *ReadMe* have also been re-written. This version requires the latest regex suite, that you can download from:

For the convinience of the users, this package contains the UCMDs created by Iimori-san (MWU suite v. 1.0b3, the newest version), a table of utility scripts named "user.html.macros.utilities", and my "addresses" suite that are used from my "user.html.language".
This is the package refered by Philip Suh's Polyglot Frontier site.
I ask the users to test these scripts, and report me the bugs they encountered. If you could attach the source table(s) and the rendered page(s) with your bug reports, it would be very helpful to see where are the bugs. Thank you very much in advance!

o new_picon picture Iimori-san made a new version of MWU suite (v. 1.1b3) which is so much improved, that we have almost nothing to do to make web pages in any language supported by the Mac OS -- all the essential parts of the job are done by this suite; and we only have to call the due scripts in the MWU suite at the due places. So, I decided to rewrite entirely this script set, call it Multlingual Web-authoring Kit for Frontier, and place it at a higher place, user.html.language.
For now, this script set supports only the web-authoring in Japanese, but I think that any other two byte encoded languages (Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Korean) can be supported almost with the same scripts.
This is the version alpha 5 of this new script set (uploaded on Thu, Sep 18, 1997). A new patched script of html.runDirective has been added, which uses the new MWU.preEvaluate ()
The *ReadMe* has also some additions.
For the convinience of the users, I include in the same package the latest version of MWU suite. This script set needs no longer the user.html.macros.utilities table nor the addresses suite.
Click here to jump to a detailed ReadMe page for this package.
I ask the users to test these scripts, and report me the bugs they encountered. If you could attach the source table(s) and the rendered page(s) with your bug reports, it would be very helpful to see where are the bugs. Thank you very much in advance!

o New: Another package, containing a new version of "user.html.macros.utilities" and "addresses" suite can be downloaded here (uploaded Sat, Aug 23, 1997).

o You will find also a personal version of odbEditor.editors.StdFile, which allows the users to edit files of which paths are stored in odb cells with an editor of their choice, e.g. TEXT files with Nisus Writer, GIFf files with Photoshop, etc. (new version uploaded on Thu, Jul 31, 1997).

o New: Here is a FinderMenu sub-menu named ftp: you can select one or more file(s) or folder(s) on the Desktop, which is in a web site folder, and send it to a ftp site. The ftp path will be generated automatically, and the file or folder will be uploaded automatically to the right path... This new version adds the capability of uploading more than one file(s)/folder(s) in one process (version 0.6a1, uploaded on Sat, Aug 23, 1997).

o New: A very useful little script, named true has been added (Fri, Sep 5, 1997). I use this script always for debugging.

o New: A little script, named true has been added. It takes two parameters, "filenameOrPath" and "ext" (uploaded Mon, Sep 8, 1997).

cleanFileName ("HD:ABC:Emailer Macro.1.hqxabcdefghijkl9610", ".sit")
	« returns "HD:ABC:Emailer Macro.1.hqxabcdefgh.sit"  

o New: You can click here to download my Nisus/Frontier package, which contains a glue table for Nisus Writer 5.0x, a glue table for MacPerl, a glue table for UltraFind, a Nisus macro file, and a ReadMe file (version 1.0b1, uploaded on Sat, Aug 2, 1997).

o new_picon picture Click here to download the new version (1.0.1b2) of mgrepExtra suite. mgrep is an OSAX written by Iimori-san, a very robust implementation of grep find. The latest version, 1.5b2, has many good features, such as the ignore case option, whole word option, or the support of some new grep expressions. It has also an important feature which is not in any of other grep OSAX or UCMD: it is WorldScript aware, so that you can use it with any of the languages supported by Apple's WorldScript I and II (hence it's name "Multibyte aware GREP"), as long as you have installed in your System the appropriate language kit. Finally, it is currently the only grep alternative that can be used with Frontier 5.0.1 (Mac version). (Uploaded 02/08/98)

o new_picon picture I have uploaded a new version of ExportAsText suite, result of collaboration between Stephen Schumacher and myself.

This suite allows the users to export Frontier objects as text files, and import the exported objects. This new version can be used to export and import Frontier objects cross-platform (Mac and Windows) and cross-versions (from version 3.0.3 onward).

I think this suite will be especially useful for exporting objects from Frontier 5.x to import them in earlier versions. But it can be useful in other situations also (for example to export web site tables so that the files can be edited with an editor of user's choice).

Some rare data types are not supported: they are:

But it seems that they are so unusual that this suite is still worthwhile...
If the exporter encounters objects of unsupported types, log will be created, reporting the errors.


Two little goodies are added. You can create text files in which you can store simple Frontier scripts that can be run from within Frontier (or via FinderMenu, etc.). You can also export Frontier scripts in text files as runnable scripts. (version 1.0b1, Fri, Mar 13, 1998 at 11:06:40 by NI).

o new_picon picture You will find a Multilingual web page in Unicode, a collection of utilities with which you will be able to make multilingual web pages in Unicode (UTF-8). This page is itself in Unicode.

o new_picon picture Here is a new MacPerl glue table with some sample MacPerl scripts. You can run any Perl script from within Frontier, and get the result in Frontier; there are some "perlVerbs", which may be used just like the Frontier UCMD. With this glue table, you can use any scriptable (and attachable) editor as Perl script editor. (version 1.0b1, Tue, Jun 2, 1998 at 2:10:30 by NI).

o new_picon picture Please click here to go to the page of my glue table for Jedit, a very powerful Japanese editor program.

o new_picon picture Here is a little script that allows you to add shared menu to any application.

o new_picon picture You will find a glue table for UltraFind, with a QuicKeys file which allows to retrieve files from any editor or word-processor program.

o You can click here to jump to my leaf of LTODBS, where you will find some other scripts or suites that I have written.

I would be very grateful if you could send me your comments, feedback, bug reports, suggestions of improvements on my scripts.
Thank you very much in advance!

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