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Personal Link Collection

Last updated June 22 1999.

This is a personal collection of links to Internet resources that I found most useful for my own work and researches. Most of these urls have been reported and discussed in our electronic discussion group "Paso-kon Toohoo-kenkyuu" (Personal Computer and Asian Humanity Studies) in the Japanes commercial BBS NiftyServe (GO command: FJAMEA MES 11), by some of the members of the group or by myself. In this sense, this page is the result of collaborative work of our group. I am most grateful for all goodwill of our members.
Thank you, All!

This page is under construction. There is no special order inside each heading, and the descriptions may not be always accurate. The links are valid (I hope!) as of june 1999, but they may be broken in some cases.
Anyway, I hope that I shall be able to organize and update these links, and add more useful links in the future. I would welcome any feedback or supplementary information. Thank you in advance!

Note on this update:
I neglected to update this page for a whole year. During this time, many links were broken; and more importantly, it seems that this kind of Internet resources themselves became somehow trite. I think that it makes no longer much sense to add indefinitely new links of all kind. I shall continue to maintain links that are already mentioned here as long as they are not broken or can be traced; and I shall add more links, but I think that in general, I should be more selective in choosing urls. I hope that this page will conitnue to be useful for those who are interested in our fields.

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