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There are some documents in this site:
  • Juho yojinshu, in the site Documents on the Tachikawaryu
  • Hokyosho, in the site Documents on the Tachikawaryu

  • An English summary of an important article by Paul Demiéville, "Buddhism and War"

  • "Sexual Heresies" in Medieval Japan: With Special Focus on the So-called "Tachikawa-ryû, a talk given at the Italian School of East Asian Studies in Kyoto, on 2006-09-13 (English).
  • Handout for the talk above.

  • Esoteric Rituals and the Power of Wishing: The Skull Liturgy of the Juhô-yôjin-shû, communication at the COE/CSJR International Symposium "THE POWER OF RITUAL -- Interdisciplinary perspectives on medieval religious practices", 2006-09-14~15, at Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto (in Japanese)
  • Handout for the communication above.

  • "The Vow in Old Buddhist Narrative Literature", a talk given at Komazawa University on 2006-10-06 (in Japanese): this is the published version, in 駒澤大学 佛教文學研究, X, March 2007, p. 21-52, uploaded with the permission of 駒澤大学 佛教文學研究所.
  • Handout for the talk above.

  • Medieval Shinto as a Form of 'Japanese Hinduism'? - An Attempt at Understanding Early Medieval Shinto. Paper presented at the SYMPOSIUM ON MEDIEVAL SHINTO, Columbia University, April 26-29 (in Japanese).
  • Abstract for the presentation above (in Japanese).
  • Handout for the presentation above (in Japanese).

  • A short bibliography on the Buddha Bhaiṣajyaguru

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