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ExportAsText suite

by Stephen Schumacher and Nobumi Iyanaga
version 1.1b1
Tue, Sep 1, 1998

I (Nobumi) first released this suite in March, 1998. Soon after, Stephen Schumacher wrote me an e-mail, saying kindly that he found it useful, and suggesting some bug fixes and improvements. Stephen has Frontier 5.0 on his Windows machine as well as Aretha Frontier on his Mac, so he suggested that it would be very nice if this suite could be used to export and import objects between all these different versions of Frontier. I found this idea very attractive.

We worked together to make this suite compatible for all the versions we have, i.e. from Frontier 3.0.3 to Frontier 5.0.2b20 (for Mac and Windows) (and hopefully for Frontier 5.1x).

ExportAsText v. 1.1 is the result of this happy "international cooperation" that we would like to release to the Frontier community.

This suite allows the users to export Frontier objects as text files, and import the exported objects.

I think this suite will be especially useful for exporting objects from Frontier 5.x to import them in Frontier 4.x. But it can be useful in other situations also, for example, to export web site tables so that the files can be opened and edited with an editor of the user's choice.

Although there is now the excellent mimi suite by John Delacour, with which we can (among other features) export and import objects between different versions of Frontier, I think that our suite is still worth.

You will find a detailed ReadMe in the table itself.

You can download here the fatpage version (for Frontier 5 Windows and Mac) (114K KB)
the binhexed Mac version (for Frontier 3.0.3 and later) (36K to download)

I would be very grateful if you could send me any comments, bug reports or suggestions. Thank you in advance,



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