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Glue table for Jedit 2.0x

Nobumi Iyanaga
version 1.0b2
Thu, Aug 13, 1998

Jedit 2.0x is a Japanese text editor program developped by Matsumoto. It is a shareware costing 2,500 yen. You can download a demo version (limited to 30 days use) at:

Jedit has a good AppleScript support; it can deal with the most commonly used Japanese encoding (SJIS, EUC, JIS, and Unicode); it can, on certain configuration, deal with other languages, like Chinese.

Notes on this version (1.0b2)
First, I updated the table for Jedit 2.0.5 in which some new commands are added.

I also added some new scripts:

Finally, I updated the menubar at jedit.JEDT.

I made this glue table for Jedit (15K to download) with the Commercial Developers Suite. However, I made some changes:

I moved all the string4's and enumerators to the "eventInfo" table (except; and I made a table at "Jedit.basicUtilities", in which you will find some basic scripts. Here is the list of this table:

jedit.basicUtilities.utilities.displayDialog () is a script written by John Delacour.

I included also a menubar, at jedit.JEDT, which can be used as a shared menu for Jedit if Jedit is registered in OSA Menu resource. Some of the menu items require a suite I made, named: "odbTextEditorNoTrap", that you will find at:

Some other menu items require another suite I made, "textIndexSearch", that I am intending to upload to my web site, in the directory "researchTools".

Finally, some menu items require my glue table for MacPerl. You will find it at:

You can easily create a shared menu for Jedit with the following script:

on addSharedMenu ()
   local (appPath)
   if not file.getFileDialog ("Locate the application...", @appPath, 'APPL')
   if file.type (appPath) != 'APPL'
   local (OSAMenuPath, theId, theName, tempRez)
   if not file.getFileDialog ("Locate OSA Menu...", @OSAMenuPath, 'INIT')
   theId = file.creator (appPath)
   theName = file.fileFromPath (appPath)
   rez.getResource (OSAMenuPath, 'OSMs', 128, @temp)
   temp = string (temp)
   pascalNumber = string.length (theName)
   temp = temp + string (theId) + char (pascalNumber) + theName + string.filledString ('\x00', 35 - pascalNumber)
   temp = binary (temp)
   setBinaryType (@temp, 'OSMs')
   rez.putResource (OSAMenuPath, 'OSMs', 128, @tempRez)

I would be very grateful if you could send me any comments, bug reports or suggestions. Thank you in advance,



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