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UltraFind Glue

Glue table for UltraFind

This is a glue table (29K to download) for UltraFind 2.1.4b0 (not yet released publicly) created by the Commercial Developers suite, with some examples (in "tests" table and "fileList" table), and AppleScript Documents provided by UltraDesign (in "appleScriptDocs" table). Test scripts are very poorly commented, but should be self evident.

The released version, v. 2.1.3 has not "wordProximity" option in the Text search feature, but for all other features, this glue table should work.


Nobumi Iyanaga
Tue, Mar 12, 1996 at 10:36:53 AM by N.I.

After more than two years, I decided to "modernize" this glue table for UltraFind, which is now at version 2.5.3.

In fact, nothing really important has changed since these two years as to the AppleScript support of UltraFind. As well, the functionality of this table has not changed. I think that it is simply a little better organized. Note however that this version is "backward compatible".

I moved all the string4's and enumerators (except "") to the newly created "eventInfo" table.

I created three new tables in which I moved the scripts which used to be in the "tests" table:

But the "tests" table has all the old scripts -- or, at least, scripts having the same name as the old scripts, calling new scripts in the new tables.

There is no special documentation, but I hope that the example scrips (that you will find in most of the scripts) are sufficient to show you how to use them.

It seems that there is a bug in the "keyword search": when we do:

set (searchRoutine.searchText.targetWord[1], mykeyword)

UltraFind doesn't work; we have to leave the first "keyword field" blank, and put our keyword in the second "keyword field", like this:

set (searchRoutine.searchText.targetWord[1], "")
set (searchRoutine.searchText.targetWord[2], mykeyword)

Another little problem: the glue table created by the Commercial Developers Suite has:

filekind	Fknd		string4
filetype	Fknd		string4
filetype1	Ftyp		string4

I think that "filetype   Fknd" is an error, and is not needed; to specify a file type, we must always use "filetype1   Ftyp".

Finally, my script at "ultraFind.utilities.generalSearchInterface" seems to cause crashes in some cases. There is perhaps a bug that I don't understand. Anyway, please use it with caution!

I hope that this glue table will be useful for users of UltraFind and of Frontier.


If you have any problem or suggestion, please write me at:

Nobumi Iyanaga
Mon, May 4, 1998

I added a little QuicKeys file ("UltraFind FileSearchQK") which calls "ultraFind.interface.filenameSearchToClip ()". This is to be used as a "Universal Shortcut" (to install it, use "QuicKeys Utilities -> QK Shortcut Installer").

Suppose that you are using an editor or a word-processor program and want to get the pathname of a file of which you remember the name (a partial name is sufficient); write in a document that name; select it and copy it. Then run this QK shortcut (I have it as a Universal QK menu item). It will call the Frontier script "ultraFind.interface.filenameSearchToClip ()"; if UltraFind finds one or more file having that name, it will put the full pathname(s) in the clipboard, so that you only have to press "CMD + V": you will see the pathname(s) that you were searching.

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