Route 66 Links



"Wigwam Village Motel"
"Wigwam Village Motel" in Rialto, California.

"Route 66 no Tabi"
KUMA-san's Page.

"Cadillac Highways: A Tribute To Route 66"
Drive route 66 on Cadillac.

"Mori no Seikatsu"
Mr. Hiroshi Otsuka's site. Auther of "Trip of Old Highway Route 66" book.

"My Route 66"
Oklahoma Route 66 Association's page.

"The Ca Fe"
Mr. Massie's page. Mr. Massie is the owner of Santa Fe style Cafe in Japan and musician and photographer. "THE MOTHER ROAD THE NATIVE ROAD OF AMERICA" is his book.

"Roy's Cafe & Motel Amboy, California "
Roy's Cafe & Motel Amboy, California.

"Route 66 -The Mother Road- America's Most Famous Highway "
Route 66 photographs and stories.

German route 66 site. Japanese language available.

"Digital Desert"
Digital Desert tour site featuring route 66.

Travel agency in Japan.

"New Mexico Route 66 Association"
New Mexico Route 66 Association's site.

"Kruzin the Mother Road - One Day in the Kruize"
Photo and story about Route 66 drive.

Photo agency in San Francisco. There are may Route 66 photos.

"The Mother Road : Historic ROUTE66"
Mr.Swa.Frantzen's site. This is the oldest Route 66 web site in the world.

"National Historic Route 66 Federation"
National Historic Route 66 Federation.

"Route 66 Cruising American Dream"
Route 66 Cruising pages.

"Route 66 Gallery and Essay"
Mr.Martin Mathis's essay and photos.

"Motels of the Southwest"
Mr. Douglas C. Towne's motel and neon signs of the southwest.

"Devil's Elbow Online"
Road trip online magazine.

Travel agency in Japan.

"The Museum Club"
The Museum Club in Flagstaff, Arizona.

"Live Spot ROUTE 66"
Live music spot named "ROUTE 66" in Yamaguchi, Japan.

"Akete Bikkuri Jazz-shi Tamatebako"
Jazz song lyrics translated to japanese by Kumi Hatanaka.
Featureing Bobby Troup's "Get your kicks on Route 66"

My Other Web

"Shanghai Walker"
Shanghai, China's photos.

"Foods & Bar -LITTLE TEXAS-"
Texas style restaurant and bar in Meguro, Tokyo, Japan.

"Dancin' Texas"
Country Dance Group in Japan.

"Let's English School"
English School in Machida-shi, Tokyo, Japan.


"A Personal Country Music Database"
Country music information.

Country music information in Japan.

"Akane's page"
"Music for The Midnight Kids".

"Country Music Live & Concert"
Japanese female country singer Ms. Miya Ishida's site.

Country Music Band "WILD HORSE SURVIVAL" Web Pages.

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