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About This Page.

  • I got my kicks on Route 66 July-1995.
  • I took many pictures all along the route from Chicago to Los Angels.
  • After I returned to Japan I put some of these images on this page.
  • You can see 14 images of Illinois, 28 of Missouri, 7 of Kansas, 20 of Oklahoma, 18 of Texas, 23 of New Mexico, 45 of Arizona, 26 of California.
  • This page was mainly created in order to show these images.
  • This is the oldest "Route 66" web site in Japan. The oldest "Route 66" web site in the world is Mr.Swa.Frantzen's "The Mother Road : Historic ROUTE66"
  • If you want to know more detail about Route 66, please check Links page.

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