Ms. D. LuAnn Brandt's Route 66 Post Cards

Photographs and Statements by Ms. D. LuAnn Brandt.
Route 66 Post Card Conoco "Conoco"
New Mexico.

This quaint, still operational station is located between Albuquerque and Tucumcari.
Seligman, Arizona.

The "Snow Cap", an oft-visited landmark in Seligman Arizona is known for both burgers and the proprietor's sense of humor and off-beat practical jokes.
Route 66 Post Card Snowcap
Route 66 Post Card Steak'n Shake "Steak'n Shake"
Springfield, Missouri.

A vintage version of a still operational sign in Springfield, Missouri.
Business is booming as well....
"Cadillac Ranch"
Amarillo, Texas.

An infamous landmark, the cars are "planted" at the great Pyramid, facing Mecca.
Ten different Cadillac model years are represented.
Since this photograph was taken, the cars have been repainted pink, white and blue.
Route 66 Post Card Cadillac Ranch
Route 66 Post Card Paramount Cafe "Paramount Cafe"
Gallup, New Mexico.

This cafe is still operational with the building in about the same shape as the sign.
Gallup's stretch of Route 66 is virtually unchanged and unrestored.
Peach Springs, Arizona.

The roadside eatery associated with this sign has been long abandoned.
The sign, however, is a testimonial to a busier time when this stretch of road was not so desolate--pre-interstate, no doubt.
ÉčRoute 66 Post Card Eat
Route 66 Post Card Dairy Queen "Dairy Queen"
Williams, Arizona.

Of all my many travels, this is the only "round" sign I have ever seen--a true rarity.
Copyright, D. LuAnn Brandt, Used by Permission.
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