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Here are two Perl macros, one for Nisus Writer Express 2.7, and another for Nisus Writer Pro 1.0 which will import in your frontmost document the styles that are defined in your Nisus New

You will have to put (for Nisus Writer Express 2.7) or import_default_styles_nwp (for Nisus Writer Pro 1.0) in your /Users/[your_account]/Library/Application Support/Nisus Writer/Macros

The script assumes that you have your Nisus New at your

/Users/[your_account]/Library/Application Support/Nisus Writer/Nisus New

and that you have defined your preferred "default styles" in that file. The script will add to your front document fonts and styles which are not in it, and which are in your Nisus New

The "sameness" of fonts and styles are determined by their names -- not by their contents (for fonts, there should be no problem with this method, but for styles, there may be styles of different names, with the same contents, or vice versa...). The only exception is the styles (paragraph styles and character styles) for foot/endnotes. If your front document has paragraph/character styles defined for foot/endnotes, even if your Nisus New contains paragraph/character styles for foot/endnotes of different names, they will not be imported (because there must be only two pairs of paragraph/character styles for foot/endnotes in one document).

You can use this macro on files that you will have imported from TextEdit or Jedit X, which don't have any styles. But you should not use this macro on MS Word rtf documents (you should have saved these documents as NWE documents before using this macro).

I just finished the first version of this script. It is only tested on very few files, so please test it with your files if you are interested -- but at your own risk!!

For the macro for Nisus Writer Pro, because of some problems in Perl macro implementation in Nisus Writer Pro, the generated new file wll not opened as an Untitled file, but as a temporary file with a name beginning with "res_", stored in your /tmp folder. You will have to Save this file As... another file, to use it later (the temporary file will be deleted when you restart the machine!).

I post a new version of my macro for NWP which now should support older files of NWE as well (older Nisus New included). I would like to express my thanks to Hamid Haji who reported problems to me. [07-07-18]

I fixed a bug in my script uploaded 07-07-18. [07-07-24]

And if you find any problems, please report them to me. Thank you in advance.


Please download the macro for Nisus Writer Express 2.7 from this link (3K to download).

Please download the macro for Nisus Writer Pro 1.0 from this link (3K to download).

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