Vertical 2 Piston Stirling Engine [NSE]


Stirling engine has a various attractive characteristic for example its high theoretical thermal efficiency or low environmental pollution. Are done for many research until the present time, therefore, as the result, with output power or thermal efficiency, there are certain Stirling engine developed of which is able to obtain them equal to existing internal combustion engine. However, With the present state, Stirling engines are not recognized as a alternative power source of a these internal combustion engine widely becouse their power-weight ratio are still inferior for an internal combustion engine. On the other hand, easy maintenancibility and quietness depending on a simplified mechanism,and low environmental pollution of Stirling engine, these are an enough superiority even the present state for an internal combustion engine. though It is significant to make Sitrling engine practicable for the direction that make these characteristics effective.

The vertical 2 piston Stirling engine ( nickname NSE ) has for a comparatively simple mechanism, and it is driven under several atm of buffer pressure. This engine is a trial production engine that is expected an application in a low output field, mainly. Design target output becomes several scores hundreds W

Structure of vertical 2 Piston Stirling Engine

The performance of vertical 2 Piston Stirling Engine

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