The performance of vertical 2 Piston Stirling Engine


Concerning experiments of the vertical 2 Piston Stirling Engine, we introduce the way of them and a portion of the engine performance that is obtained .

Experimental device and method

A performance test of the engine is done as follows generally. For heat source, electric heating wire is used for heating for easily controling the supplying heat. And water is used for cooling. Gas and heat sources temperature are measured by K type thermo couples arranged for each point of the engine, and they are displayed and recorded by a hybrid recorder. Gas pressures in the engine is measured by the pressure sensor that is installed by expansion space and compression space. Output power of the engine is calculated by engine speed and shaft torque which measured by the torque mater connected to output shaft. Buffer pressure is applied by a compressor and adjusts a certain value by a pressure control valve.

Experimental data

We present some experimental datas of this engine now obtained.

Gas temperature in the engine

Output power of the engine

Structure of vertical 2 Piston Stirling Engine

Vertical 2 Piston Stirling Engine [NSE]

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