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WHF '95 Concert and Event Schedules

Last Update: 5 Oct. 1995

This is the schedules of the concerts and events in WHF'95 I know. There may be some changes, especially for the players of the concerts. So, if you want to assure, you should call to the executive committee (from Japan 03-3265-4013, from foreign countries +813-3265-4013).
Dates are all in 1995, and all the times are shown in Japanese time(JST).

Gala Concerts and Special Concert

at PACIFICO Yokohama Main Hall
(Sorry, spells of some players may be mistaken. Please teach me errors If you would find it.)
10-holes - Oct. 10, Open 17:30 and Start 18:00, 5000Yen
Players : Rayful Neel (USA), Lee Oskar (USA), Billy Branch (USA), Koichi Matsuda (Japan), Ryuichiro Senoo (Japan), Tsutomu Tsuzuki (Japan), Nobuo Yagi (Japan), Hiro Nishimura (Japan), Fumio Ishikawa (Japan) etc.
Classic - Oct. 11, Open 18:30 and Start 19:00, 5000Yen
Players : Larry Adler (UK), Sigmunt Groven (Norway), Chen-Bar, Huang (China, now live in USA), Yasuo Watani (Japan), Adler Trio (Israel), Joe Sakimoto (Japan) etc.
(Special Concert) Tremolo - Oct. 12, Open 13:30 and Start 14:00, 3000Yen
Players : Shigeaki Iwasaki (Japan), Yoshio Morimoto (Japan), Masami Oishi (Japan), Juko Saito (Japan), Li, Hui Feng (Korea), He, Jia Yi (China), Zhang, Ya Ji (Malaysia), Taipei Harmonica Band, Atsugi Harmonica Trio, NHC Salon Pops.
Jazz and Popular - Oct. 12, Open 18:30 and Start 19:00, 5000 Yen
Players : Pete Pedersen (USA), Lee Oskar (USA), Claude Garden (France), Nobuo Tokunaga (Japan) etc.

World Harmonica Championships

at PACIFICO Yokohama 4th floor
Oct. 11-13, 10:00-12:00, 13:00-17:00
for more detail, read contest page.


at PACIFICO Yokohama 4th floor
Oct. 11-13, 10:00-12:00, 13:00-15:00, 15:30-17:30(11 and 12 only)
2000Yen per one lecture. parallel 2 lectures on each period.

===Schedule=== (Subject to Change)

Date    10:00-12:00  13:00-15:00  15:30-17:30

Oct.11  Trio         Chromatic    10-holes
        Tremolo      Tremolo      Chlomatic

Oct.12  Chromatic    10-holes     Trio
        Tremolo      10-holes     10-holes

Oct.13  Tremolo      Ensemble
        Chromatic    Repair
for detail , see Oct. 10-13, 10:00-21:00 (PACIFICO Yokohama)
Oct. 9-12, 10:30-21:30 (Landmark Hall)
(I think they are free to join.)

Concert of amateur harmonica circles

at PACIFICO Yokohama Main Hall
Oct. 10, 10:00-16:00

And Others...

Demonstrations of top players, farewell party, harmonica museum, harmonica goods shop etc. are heard to be done during the festival.

About the fee, ask to the executive committee or me.

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