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Harmonica Concerts in Japan

Last Update: 27 Feb. 2003

This is the list of harmonica concerts, lives and other stage plays in Japan. The schedules in the list may be changed. So, if you want to go some of their concerts, you should assure the schedule of the concert in advance, by calling on the (voice) telephone number indicated in the list.

Be careful!
Telephone number is one from Japan. From foreign countries, you should dial [Japanese Country Number]+[the number below without top 0]

If you can read Japanese, you can also use these sites for getting concert informations.


Koichi Matsuda Live

F.I.H. Japan Harmonica Contest 2003

  • Final judgement lives
  • fresh competitors and many famous guest players

    Masaaki Shigehara / PFD00763@nifty.ne.jp