Principle of Phase Angle Mechanism

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The variable phase angle mechanism uses bevel gears and has advantage of simple structure and easy operation to control output power of Stirling engine.

The mechanism is consists of four bevel gears, two output shafts, an inner ring and an outer ring as shown above figure.
In this figure, a bevel gear A is connected to an output shaft A and a crank A. The crank A is connected to a piston A through a connecting rod A.
On other hand, a bevel gear B is connected to an output shaft B and a crank B. The crank B is connected to a piston B through a connecting rod B.
There are a bevel gear C and a bevel gear D which are connected to an inner ring between the gear A and the gear B. And the shaft A and the shaft B rotate reversibly to each other.
When the inner ring is rotated against the outer ring, the phase angle,of the two pistons is changed. If you want to change the phase angle to 90 degree, you must rotate the inner ring just 45 degree.

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