Stirling engine models
(1996's engine models made by students)


We simply show 1996's engine models made by students.

Takanori TSUNOI
This engine is a gamma type which is driven by circling a glass ball on the dish, in place of using a flywheel.
Comments:I used a glass ball and the dish in place of a flywheel and clank mechanism. You will enjoy watching my engine, because a glass ball circles on the dish.

Yoshitaka HIGUCHI
This engine is an alpha type which used Scott-Rassel's approximate parallel moving mechanism in order to reduce the side friction of the piston.
Comment:I tried to reduce the side friction of the piston by using Scott-Rassel's approximate parallel moving mechanism. But the moving mechanism has increased the friction, working is negative, so this engine doesn't run well.

This engine is a gamma type which was designed for reverse revolution by using a gum.
Comment:It will be possible for this engine to reverse revolution by utilizing the power of a gum. The gum part is not completed, the engine is not running.

Shinjyu TAZAWA
This engine is an alpha type which uses a crossing mechanism of a balance in order to reduce the side friction of the piston.

This engine is an alpha type which has three pistons to increase the cooling space.
Comment:If this engine is used usually, as high efficiency of cooling with three pistons, so the engine is running at high speed. The future of this engine is to change as compressor to adjust phase angle of the piston.

This engine is an alpha type which was designed to cool the compression piston by moving a fan with the power from the output shaft.
Comment:This engine is compulsion cooling type, but the fan only moves. Because, when a fan of diameter 2cm with crank shaft circles, a compression cylinder cannot be cooled through a pipe of 20cm.

Takahiro NITTA
This engine is a gamma type which will design to cool a cooling plate by moving a plate of foam polystyrene.
Comment:Curving clank shaft,only when the temperature setting of the working gas is optimum can this engine can run.

Shinichiro MURAKAMI
This engine is an alpha type which thought out the mechanism crank in order to compact size.
Comment:Aiming for small size and light weight, I made an effort to reduce the thickness of cylinder cover and the dead space. I designed this engine to take maximum power under this size.

Hirokazu YASUDA
This engine is an gamma type which was designed to take phase angle with a spring and a magnet.
Comment:This engine can be changed two types, magnet way of quasi free type and spring way. It is possible to be driven by itself under magnet way, but it is not running under spring way.

JIN youn-xing
This engine is beta type with Rombic mechanism.
Comment:I made this engine in order to reduce size and decrease the side friction of the piston. And I challenged the difficult mechanism. It was difficult to calculate and construct practically. Using a plastic gear, it drove without problem, but increased friction loss. So I think it doesn't reach a purpose performance. I will improve this engine more and more, finally I will complete a good engine.

Nobutoshi OUCHI
This engine is a pai type which driven by a pendulum mechanism in place of using flywheel.
Comment:I designed this engine as a low temperature difference type, but it is high temperature difference type. And it is difficult to adjust a pendulum of weight.

This engine is a gamma type which designed to approximate to move crank mechanism such as an elliptical orbit.
Comment:This engine is not running. Under improvement.

This engine is an alpha type which was designed to use a gulf cam as crank mechanism and to enclose a liquid gas around compression cylinder. When the liquid gas is vaporized, it improves the cooling effectct.
Comment:I aimed to improve the power ratio by total with gas burner. But the handmade cylinder cam doesn't move smoothly.


Hiroshi UESUGI
This engine is a free piston type for using exhaust gas.
Comment:It is difficult to adjust a spring force with power piston, not still running. The exhaust gas of a heat source will be the exhaust gas of portable generator. This engine is a good design for such things as space rockets!

This engine is an alpha type which can be driven by a low temperature difference.
Comment:I will reverse a common sense which says that low temperature difference Stirling engines are od the gamma type. But actually this engine is the usual alpha type. It is increased the mechanism loss that is the mechanism to decrease a friction loss. In addition, this engine has a short stroke volume.

This engine is a pai type engine which has a cooling and heating of constant volume process.
Comment:It was designed to be driven by solar heat. If this engine had a solar energy collector, I think it would drive by itself.

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