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  1. A tale is a window.
  2. [Novel]Flowers for Algernon (by Daniel Keys)
  3. [Novel]Night of the galaxy railway (by Kenji MIYAZAWA)
  4. [Novel]What dose a person live with?(<-right?) (by L.N.Tolstoy)
  5. [Comic]HI-NO-TORI(Bird of fire) (by Osamu Tezuka)
  6. [Comic]Black Jack (by Osamu Tezuka)
  7. [Movie]Blade runner (Director: Ridley Scott, Star:Harrison Ford)
  8. [music]Can swim only nights(by SION)
A tale is a window.
The world is filled with various tales. These may be like virtual windows in real.
What does the vision from a window mean? They may cut a part of the world, and project plainly. There are facts and fictions also. Even fact, each person sharing the same thing will have a different feeling from the other, moreover a person not sharing will have a more different impression. Is the most important thing whether it is true as you rather than as others?
I want to keep a feeling to see a rainbow through your window.
And a feeling to bite a apple also.

[Novel]Flowers for Algernon (by Daniel Keys)
We all are same with Algernon(a wise mouse) and Charlie(a main charactor) afer all, I think. We must study a lot of things and be wise and be great, and understand all. Moreover, we will take high technology and knowledge for the complex modern society, and we will obtain a wonderful feeling to contribute for people.
The adult society which seems wonderful and complete at once. However, is it full with what a contradiction? We have to sometimes betray someone and sell a mind and live cleverly...
Before long, I will understand my desperate future, and be afraid of it, and be disappointed at it. But I become original fool gradually. I don't know what I think till now. It's mysterious.
It's easy to make your friend, if you let someone laugh.

[Novel]Night of the galaxy railway (by Kenji Miyazawa)
I was probably ten years old when I read it first time. I had read it, because of my mistake, just when an animation, "Galaxy express 999" , boomed in Japan. I felt a book plain at that time, but it left something in my first impression. My strong impression is a tale, which is inserted an episode, "the fire of scorpion".
One day, the scorpion chased by a weasel had fallen in a well to intend to escape from his enemy. And he looked back his life to eat some insects till now, and said, "why did't I give my body for him to eat." The god, which had a feeling of pity, lifted him up as the stars of the sky...
We might uncosnciously hurt someone to only live, and we might be hurt by somebody. It's unavoidable, still sad.
So, to live must be difficult, and painful, you know.

[Novel]What dose a person live with?(<-right?) (by L.N.Tolstoy)
We often want to shout, "Oh! my God! Why?", because of unfortunate things. This novel may let you see an answer of our question.
One day, the Lord made an angel send. The angel have to get the soul of the sick mother, which recently lost her husband and has her little children. The angel however could not do it. So, the Load forced him to do it, and change him to a person, and said, "A human being lives with three thing. You should find out." Before long, he began to work at a shoose shop, and...
Well, what's now the three things?
Do you want to find out, too?

[Comic]HI-NO-TORI(Bird of fire) (by Osamu Tezuka)
Osamu Tezuka(1928-1989) was one of the well-known comic writers over the world. HI-NO-TORI (means the bird of fire, or the phoenix) as his lifework is one of the best his masterpieces. It's new even now passed almost 30 years, because of the depth of the theme.
Why is life living in pain? Why is love necessary for us? And why must we die? Well, can we shed our tear for a beautiful view like Ga-Ou?
The answer is not anywhere, but in you.

[Comic]Black Jack (by Osamu Tezuka)
It's not conserned with a famous card game. This is the tale of an unlicenced doctor. He always keeps the society and other persons at a distance. He operates like the God, and gets big money from rich men. He however operates free in the rare case. It is when something weighs on his mind.
Life is fragile, and strong.

[Movie]Blade runner (Director: Ridley Scott, Star:Harrison Ford)
The type nexus 6, who has 4 years life, rebeled against his God to put off his terminal somehow. Because he knew it is impossible, he killed his God who made himself. However, he might indeed know love, and understand noble of life more than human beings.
Like as that dove, he might be free.

[music]Can swim only nights(by SION)

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