1. When the forbidden fruit becomes ripe
  - secret hidden behind the "Apple song" -

2. Sunflower sings: "Oh, my sun!"
  - "'O Sole Mio" was born from photosynthesis -

3. A decisive fatcor of deliciousness is the "ears" of bread
  - the Pastoral Symphony of Beethoven is a favorite of yeast? -

4. "Shall we waltz?" from the microscopic world
  - the theme of the "Blue Danube" is a group work of several proteins -

5. What will happen to milking cows that listen to the radio?
  - the reason why they can do "good work" with favorite Mozart -

6. Mysterious relation between fishes living in icy oceans and malaria in the tropics
  - repetition of a characteristic melody piece in quick tempo produces "warm-up" effects -

7. "Musical remedy": a means for self-healing of our mind and body
  - Why the "Canon" of Pachelbel is popular among people for stress reduction ? -

These articles first appeared in Japanese in "Raku" from July 1996 to January 1997.

1. "Musical Tomatoes"

2. "Musical Bread"

3. "Piracy or Original Work?"

These articles first appeared in Japanese in "Chikuma" from October to December 1998.

4. Music and "musical medicine"