Music and "Musical Medicine"

It is well known that Mozart promotes cows to produce milk. The reason for this phenomenon is not well investigated and explanation is given simply as: "Music must have made cows comfortable, which has contributed them to produce milk".

However, according to the theory of "Protein Music" proposed by Dr. Sternheimer, this phenomenon can well be explained.

Prolactin is known as a protein which promotes the development of mammary gland and the secretion of milk. This protein is also called a mammary gland stimulating hormone for its function. Dr. Sternheimer thought of translating prolactin into melody. As is expected, a typically Mozart-like passage was really included in the melody of prolactin.

Next step is to verify the effects of the protein music. An experiment of milking cows under music was performed for two weeks: in addition to the melody of prolactin, those of lactogloblin and lactoalbumin were also used. The three types of music were diffused twice a day, ten minutes each time.

Obtained milk contained an average of 3 to 4 times less whey as a result of the increase in prolactin, lactoglobulin and lactalbumin in the milk, which is the result just as expected.

Cheese was made from the milk, which was presented for tasting test. Those who have tried it assured its excellence taste. The cheese was also brought to a shop in Paris where it was sold six times faster than usual during the two weeks of experiment.

As is proved above, protein music acts on living creatures at the molecular level and produces desired effects. This is the essential difference of protein music from music composed may men. We must therefore pay attention not only to the merits but also to side effects of protein music. Cows, for example, risk to be easily affected with mammites with the excess of prolactin music. Human beings are not exceptions: protein music also has effects on them.

Prolactin is, for human beings, also a stress hormone which is produced under physical fatigue or mental stress. By creating this hormone, we try to protect our bodies. Therefore, the melody which stimulates the synthesis of prolactin may have favorable effects in curing ulcer caused by stress.

A lady speaks of her experience as follows:

"I was affected with typical stomach ulcer. I was in bed and was to be brought to hospital for operation. Then, I decided to listen to the cassette of prolactin. During the night of the day, I felt really better. I listened it many times for a week. The ulcer then disappeared and the volume of my bust became two times more than before. Since then, I am well."

Excess of prolactin may cause leak of milk for women, and impotence and/or feminization of bust for men. The melody of prolactin does not bring always merits for human beings.

Protein music in general gives us a resonating feeling all over the body if the melody is really necessary for the person. As if "it is really his music". The existence of this sensation is the only criteria for judging if the person may continue to listen to the melody.

In summary, protein music must not be used for amusement and must be used personally, just as a medicine. In this sense, protein music may be called as a "musical medicine".