Yakata floating restaurants began 300 years ago on the Sumida River in the Edo periodas a form of river recreation.
For the 1,000,000 residents of Edo(Tokyo) cruising on yakata houseboats was a favorite pastime.
My hope is that many Non-Japanese can experience the atmosphere of Edo by cruising on an authentic yakata boat.

Cruise the beautiful Sumida River which runs through Tokyo while enjoying.
Enjoy beautiful views of Rainbow Bridge and Sky Tree(as well as the many Sumida River bridge which are light up every night)

Minimum booking: 2people

Japanese boat cruising(Yakatafune)
Jpy 8,500 per person (drink fee separate)
Tempura,Appetizers,Seafood salad,Sushi, Japanse soup,Japanese tea and
Cruising time 2hours Reserve: at least 3 hours before dapertur time

Access Oedo line Kuramae A-7
Address Komagata 2-1-3 Taitouku Tokyo
Tel 03-3844-5591
Fax 03-3841-1417

manager TAKA