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● Teacher(師匠)

寺原伸夫(作曲家)  NOBUO TERAHARA(composer)  <1928〜1998>

Terahara is only one japanese composer who is a student of Aram Khachaturian.

Terahara is Nakajima's teacher.

 A・Khachaturian (left) & N・Terahara


He was born in Miyazaki prefecture in Japan, on Feb.29, 1928.
Started is carrier as a music teacher of junior high schools in Tokyo.
He composed <Tokyo-Peking> by self-education in 1954.
This vocal piece was getting very famous both in Japan and China, as the song of 'Japan-China friendship'. 

After that he composed <Song of a palm> in 1955.  This song was getting a hit song.
Kyu Sakamoto sang and recorded it.
This work was used in the movie ”The town with cupolas ".
The actress Sayuri Yoshinaga and Kazuko Yoshiuki sang it in the film.

In 1963, When Aram Khachaturian came to Japan,
He listened to Terahara's suite < Japanese dawn >.
He estimated Terahara's talent highly.
Khachaturian recommended him to study composition in USSR.
One year later, Terahara entered the 'Moscow state conservatoire' and learned composition under Khachaturian for 7 years.

In the classroom of Moscow Conservatoire
Khachatrian(center) and Terahara(2nd from the right)

In 1971, he graduated from the conservatoire, and returned to Japan.In
1974, He became the assistant professor of 'Nippon Fukushi University'. 

Since 1986, He had been acting as the office director of 'The committee for music and dance in japan'.

In his sunset, he acted by free lance.
The cultural exchange between Japan and Russia was his important job.
And also he brought up some disciples. Katsuma Nakajima is the one.

On March 30,1998, He passed a way in Tokyo.
Terahara's biography written by T.Fukutomi was published in 2012.

 Terahara in later years


Concerto for Violoncello and Orchestra (Sovietsky Compositor)

Mono Opera <Hiroshima> (Sovietsky Compositor)

<The poem of my native land> for string orchestra (Sovietsky Compositor)

<Japanese sketch> for piano (Sovietsky Compositor)

< 5 japanese nursery rhymes > (Sovietsky Compositor)

<Poem> for Violoncello and piano

Version by Daniil Shafran (Japan Federation of Composers)

3 Fugues for saxophone quartet (Japan Federation of Composers)

<Romance> for violin and piano (Ongaku no Tomo)

Songs of Bokusui (ZENON)

Paean of the life (ZENON)

Children's dream and the world (ZENON)

Vocal pieces <First Love> (NT music)




  〜My teacher's reminiscence〜  ( Tokyo ongaku sha)


"Khachaturian" ( Ongaku no Tomo)

  written by Victor Yuzefovich

  Joint translation by Nobuo Terahara, Hisae Kobayashi and Jun Aso


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