I never use the plug-in for my work. Because it is an image data processing.

This is a photograph image of Beretta. It arranges it in the illustrator. The amount of the maximum mesh that can be used for the gradation mesh object is 50 X 50.It is necessary to arrange a lot of gradation mesh objects. Such a method is work that it very takes time in the manual. Then, the plug-in is used to sample the color. With this, it doesn't become training that expresses the shadow.

The people who handle the illustrator sometimes have the misunderstanding. It is natural to be able to do the realism description in the analogue. The thing that realism can be described is not a terrible thing at all. Please know as one of the training that draws the picture.

Well, let's partially make it here. The square of the wine red is made. If all grips are expressed by this method, a lot of objects are needed. Because the density of the mesh point becomes a resolution.

The purpose of our using Illustrator is to draw the picture. The purpose is not to boast of the thing drawn only with Illustrator.There was a limit in the realism description because version 8 had not provided
the gradation mesh function.

However, when the mesh is multiused too much, the possibility of losing sight of essence that uses Illustrator grows.The realism description is one of the training that abandons the shadow. It is not a special technology.

The maximum mesh point that can be made in one mesh object is made. When the resolution is raised and sampled, the size of the object should be made smaller. When it is a large amount of mesh point, it is serious work in the manual.

This work is quite different from the act of drawing the picture. It is work exactly and suitable work for calling. Then, using it for the image data processing is a plug-in. It is necessary to prepare such many mesh objects.

If the Illustrator image to boast of the realism description was seen, the outline will have to be confirmed. Moreover, when this plug-in is used, the ability to judge the shadow cannot be supported.

This is a plug-in of the problem. There is a possibility where the plug-in that looks like exists, too though it might be a sale only of Japan maybe. Interesting one can be downloaded here.

The template image was concealed as confirmed easily. It can be exactly said work to replace the bit map with the mesh point. It is possible to make it by the automatic operation almost though straightening the shape of the mesh object is necessary.

Because how to make the mesh is influenced in the point and the direction line, it doesn't become a mesh the same as the desire.It has the sense and the gap that draws the picture.

I make the fixed form object a mesh, and I do not like transformation method. However, there is only enduring it in the specification of present Illustrator.

Let's expanding display this object. It will be able to be understood that the resolution falls from former image though it depends on the density of the mesh point.

It is difficult to make it to the image that arranges one's verbs and objects to this and changes the expression. It depends on the template image and the photograph.

If the feeling of quality of the image is changed, it only has to use Photoshop. Is this work significant?

Even if it is expanded, the jaggy becomes an image to become senile though it doesn't appear.

I want you to consider the meaning of the realism description that uses
Illustrator.It doesn't surprise it when having drawn only with Illustrator.

It is not the one more than proof that realism as a natural technology can be described as a digital artist.

As for showing the outline of Illustrator, I want you not to forget the thing being concealed for mean important.

My explanation was inadequate.
Since there is misunderstanding, I will correct.
It is not the tool of a grid base.

Please look at the page here.


My method uses an analog technique. The shadow that becomes basic is made with the gradation mesh like the airbrush. This gradation mesh also makes only the mesh of the minimum requirement. The color of the mesh point is adjusted for myself.

It is quite the same method of putting the shadow with the airbrush as work. It is Mage without a ruggedness part in the grip. The ability to judge the shadow is sure to be supported.

The shadow and the highlight are drawn with a brush and a ruggedness part in the grip is added. This method is the same as the method of drawing the picture in the analogue.

The gradation cannot be used for the brush object of Illustrator. It is necessary to convert the brush object into the usual, closed passing object and to set the paint of the gradation.

The method of the shadow and the highlight expression can be obtained. It must be a reason why only it describes realism. I wonder whether it is particular work to draw the picture.

This is an outline display. If the realism work that used Illustrator was seen, it is advanced to show the outline display. It might be an image data processing that uses the plug-in if there are a lot of mesh objects.

I want you to consider the meaning of the thing to draw the picture with
Illustrator. The realism expression should be known it is basic that draws the picture. And, the drawing style is important.