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Who we are

We consist of a group of approximately 50 Japanese professional freelance translators who are listed in Honyaku Yokocho*, a reliable and respected web list of Japanese translators. Wishing to make the best of our virtual network, the Japanese Translator Network (JTN), we have built this Web page to offer our services around the world.

Note: There are two versions of Honyaku Yokocho, in English and Japanese.

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What we do

We are freelance translators with many years of experience including specialists in a wide variety of fields. We stand ready to help you with professional translations to and from Japanese in English and other languages.

We can help you find available freelance translators for specific purposes by forwarding your e-mail to JTN members. This service is free of charge. Refer to Contact below for more information.

We would be greatly pleased if we, starting with this small webpage, could be of help to you as your beachhead for entering the Japanese market.

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Please contact us if we can be of assistance to you, and tell us what you would like us to do. Please feel free to e-mail us at this e-mail address* with any questions or inquiries you may have.

We would appreciate it if you could provide us with information such as follows in order to help us find the best translator available for your job.

  • The document to be translated; e.g. User's XXXXX Guide
  • Source language and target language; e.g. English to Japanese
  • Approximate number of words in the source language; e.g. 2,000 words, not including drawings and figures.
  • Deadline; e.g. By the end of July, 2004
  • Submission form; e.g. MS Word (2000 or later) files attached to e-mail that may or may not be compressed by ZIP or LHA; and
  • Rate offered; e.g. $0.15 per English word in the source document (Or would you prefer a quote?)
  • Payment terms; e.g. T.T. Remittance within 30 days after delivery

Before you e-mail us, please note that:
  • Since we earn our living by translating, we cannot offer free translation services.
  • It may take a couple of days to find you a translator available. Sometimes we cannot find any translator ready to serve you.
  • Please be sure to identify yourself in your e-mail messages with contact details including your own name, your organization's name, address, telephone number, and website, if any. We will not respond to any anonymous e-mail and to free e-mail addresses.
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Link partners

Please note that we do not exchange links any more.

  • AsiaTranslate.net :A translation company in Singapore

  • Translation: Language translation by human translators. High quality translation at excellent prices. (http://www.appliedlanguage.com)

  • English - German Translator: Text specializations - TV & movie scripts, subtitles, dubs

  • Lingo24: A UK-registered translation company with its main offices in Aberdeen, Scotland

  • Translation Services and Interpreters: To Localise offers translations and interpreters to and from any language. And a free translation tool on the web site!

  • Translators London UK: Translation company based in London, England serving businesses throughout the world. London Translations offer the expertise of in-country translators and interpreters combined with the simplicity and security of dealing with a company based in the UK.

  • Aaron Language Service (Website in Japanese): A total language service in San Francisco, California

  • Lucechiara Translations - At Lucechiara Translations, our expert translators handle all of your document translation needs. We offer a variety of foreign language courses for students of all ages plus we carry a wide selection of gifts imported directly from Italy.

  • WorldVideoBusiness-WVB® is a business to business e-marketplace source of international trade leads, and tender opportunities from companies and government organizations around the globe.

  • German translations service: Language translation agency- Website translation & localization by native speaker translators in different languages at cheaper rates.

  • Edge Translation Ltd: A UK-based translation agency formed out of a desire to offer companies and individuals a first class service.

  • Translation Services: Bettina Alfaro in Germany

  • Translations by New Lingo : High quality translation services at excellent prices. Website translation and localization services with operations in the UK and New Zealand

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JTN, the owner, and manager of this web page, despite any descriptions on this web page, do not provide a 100% guarantee of support. JTN, the owner, and manager of this web page will do their best to support you, but shall be held harmless against any and all claims, obligations, or liabilities resulting directly or indirectly from use of any part of this web page. All rights reserved by Y. Urade.

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