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Yoshifumi Urade    Freelance Translator & Writer (a Japanese native)
Skilled in business, financial, marketing, political and technical document translation and writing columns for publication
Provides English to Japanese and Japanese to English Translation, Japanese Writing, and Internet Search Services
Honyaku-Kozo Translation Service, Tokyo, Japan

Office Hours
10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. and  8:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. JST (EST + 14 hours)
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PC Environment
Read & write Microsoft Word (.doc/.docx), Microsoft Excel (.xls/.xlsx) and Plain text (.txt) files /
HTML (.htm/.html) and PowerPoint (.ppt/.pptx) files*
Overwriting upon HTML or PowerPoint files is available at an extra charge and time.
Read only PDF (.pdf) files
Not ready for Any other format files; any CAT tool such as TRADOS
Please note that I do not serve foreign translation agencies that require me to use any CAT tool.

Fee Depends on the number of words in your source text and the delivery deadline. Please feel free to ask for a quote by e-mailing me the source file at the address below.
Minimum charge: 1800 JP yen for translation of 150 words or less

Method Wire Transfer (T.T. remittance) to my bank account in Japan (preferred) or PayPal* (through which payment by credit card is acceptable at an extra cost of 10%);
No check, please (because it is costly and troublesome in Japan to cash a check drawn on a foreign bank.)

Due date Incorporated or public organizations: Payment to be made within 45 days after the invoice date. A monthly invoice will be issued by the end of every month to be sent by e-mail in PDF format, or otherwise instructed by the client.
Individuals: Payment to be made on delivery or [partially] in advance, depending on the total invoice amount.
Currency Japanese yen (JPY, preferred), US dollar (USD), Euro (EUR), pound sterling (GBP), AUD, CAD, NZD, HKD, or SGD

Japanese Orthographic Conventions
Style Unless otherwise instructed, -desu/masu (polite) style will be used for a client's own press release, website and other documents intended to be read by the general audience. Otherwise, -da/dearu (ordinary) style will be used.
Characters used Hiragana, katakana  (Japanese phonetic syllabaries) and kanji  (Chinese-derived characters) will be used in accordance with the general rule of Japanese orthography. Names of software programs and foreign people (except Japanese), however, will be left as they are written in the original script unless otherwise instructed.
Technical terms I will do my best to find the most appropriate terms from dozens of my e-dictionaries and through the Internet search. If you wish to specify certain English terms to be translated into specific Japanese words (or vice versa), please let me know in advance.

Note: The information above is subject to change without notice.
For other information on myself, please click here to refer to my resume (curriculum vitae).

e-mail* urade_translator_writer@yokocho.org
Please be sure to identify yourself in your e-mail messages with contact details including your own name, your organization's name, address, telephone number, and website, if any. I will not respond to any anonymous e-mail and to free e-mail addresses.

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