What's about tooth transplantation ?

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Which is better choice, a bridge work or tooth plantation for the ariaof missing tooth ?

If you have needless tooth in the other aria. and

If you are missing only one tooth and need a crown. tooth transplantationis one choice.

Conventional bridge work requires reduction of your virgin tooth downto about two third of the original shape.

The tow teeth supporting the bridge also have to bear extra forces ofmastication.

On the contrary, transplanted tooth does not require any reduction ofyour natural teeth and it does not require extra burden of stress as inbridge works.

If maintain good oral hygiene, have frequent check-ups, you may keepthe transplant tooth much longer than conventional bridge-work.

If possible, do you want to select this treatment ? 

Case presentation of tooth transplantation (in my clinic)

  1. Case 1: Totransplant both lower wisdom teeth to 1st. molar region.
  2. Case 2: Totransplant left lower wisdom tooth to left 1st. molar region
  3. Case 3: Oldwoman who having periodontal disease.
  4. Case 4: Supportingthe Bridge by transplanted tooth.
  5. Case 5: Longperiod of time. (about 12 years)
  6. Case 6: Transplantright lower wisdom tooth to 1st. molar region. And result after 17 years.
  7. Case 7: Tomake a space by minor tooth movement.
  8. Case 8: LargeRadicular cyst
  9. Case 9: Wisdomtooth to 1st molar region. (adult )
  10. Case 10: Wisdomtooth to 2nd molar region. (10 years without root canal treatment.)
  11. More case is now construction.