Route 66 CALIFORNIA MAP California is the Land of Milk and Honey. But it goes Mojave Desert in the east part of California Route 66.
The end of Route 66 is the intersection of Santa Monica Blvd. and Ocean Avenue.

Colorado River

Colorado River ,CA

Colorado River.
State Borderline.
River Valley Motor Lodge Needles California

Needles ,CA

River Valley Motor Lodge.
Goffs General Store California

Goffs ,CA

Goffs General Store.
Roy's Cafe Amboy California

Amboy ,CA

Roy's Cafe Amboy.
National Old Trail Highway California

Amboy ,CA

National Old Trail Highway.
Through the Mojave Desert.
Bagdad California


Famous by the Movie "Bagdad Cafe".
But,There's Nothing Without A Tree.
Pisgah Crater Road California

Ludlow ,CA

Intersection With Pisgah Crater Road.
Dry Creek Gas Station Newberry Springs California

Newberry Springs ,CA

Dry Creek Station.
Sidewinder Cafe as known as Bagdad Cafe Newberry Springs California

Newberry Springs ,CA

Sidewinder Cafe.
Film Location of Movie "Bagdad Cafe."
 Old Garage Daggett California


Maybe Old Garage.
Barstow Station California

Barstow ,CA

Barstow Station.
Route 66 Historical Marker Helendale California

Helendale ,CA

Historical Marker.
Near Intersection With Silver Lake Road.
Emma Jean's Holland Burger Victorville California

Victorville ,CA

Emma Jean's Holland Burger Cafe.
Cajon Pass Cajon Summit California

Cajon Summit ,CA

Cajon Pass.
Route 66 Territory Museum & Visitor's Bureau California

San Bernardino ,CA

Route 66 Territory Museum & Visitor's Bureau.
San Bernardino

San Bernardino ,CA

Mountain Scene from the City.
Mcdonald's Classic Sign San Bernardino California

San Bernardino ,CA

Mcdonald's Classic Sign.
Pasadena Sunset California

Pasadena ,CA

California Sunset.
Large Historic ROUTE 66 Sign San Fernando California

Los Angeles ,CA

Large Historic ROUTE 66 Sign.
San Fernando St.
Hollywood Blvd California

Hollywood ,CA

Hollywood Blvd.
Last ROUTE 66 Sign Santa Monica Blvd California

Santa Monica ,CA

Last ROUTE 66 Sign at Santa Monica Blvd.
End of ROUTE 66 Ocean Av California

Santa Monica ,CA

End of ROUTE 66.
Ocean Av.
Will Rogers Highway Memorial Plaque Santa Monica California

Santa Monica ,CA

Will Rogers Highway Memorial Plaque.
Santa Monica Pier California

Santa Monica ,CA

Santa Monica Pier.
Shadow on Santa Monica Beach California

Santa Monica ,CA

My Shadow on Santa Monica Beach.
Sunset on Santa Monica Beach California

Santa Monica ,CA

The Sunset.

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