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Wilson Bros. / Another Night

Steve Wilson and Kelly Wilson got a chance to release this only one album "Another Night" as Wilson Bros. in 1979 produced by Kyle Lehning, who is known for his producing works with England Dan Seals & John Ford Corey, as the result the tune "If The World Ran Out Of Love" written by Wilson Bros. were recorded by England Dan Seals & John Ford Coley and ranked top 10 on the country chart. Don't worry, this Wilson Bros. album is not a country album. You may confuse what the word "A.O.R." means because there are 2 definition of this word "A.O.R.". In Europe, "A.O.R." means almost the same as "Melodic Hard Rock", on the other hand, here in Japan "A.O.R." is the music genre for the sophisticated Westcoast Pop music especially strongly influenced by Contemporary Jazz and R&B. Under the latter definition of A.O.R., this may be the best of the best A.O.R. albums execpt the bible album "Airplay / Airplay".
This album easily shows that we should use the word "A.O.R." instead of "Westcoast Music" generally used in Europe for this kind of music because of the following reasons:
  1. Steve and Kelly Wilson were born in Michigan and grew up in Arkansas.
  2. The main recording sessions of this album was done not in Los Angeles but in Nashville. Steve Lukather is the only one West Coast player.
  3. In spite of the above 2 facts, this album has almost everything essential for our music. Sophisticated Melodies with beautiful Harmony Vocals, Blue-eyed Soul Flavor.
You will understand how this album is real one, once you will listen to it. This must be the best session of Steve Lukather.



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