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Joseph Williams / Joseph Williams

Joseph Williams,Toto's third lead vocalist (1986-1989) was born in Los Angels on September 1, 1960. He is known as a son of very famous movie music composer, John Williams.
Joseph had released his solo album titled "Joseph Williams" in 1982 from Great Records before he joined Toto. This is it! Great album! You can understand why Joseph joined Toto once you listened to this album. And in 1998, this legendery masterpiece has been reissued on CD at last here in Japan with 2 bonus tracks.And you should note that there were two versions of this album when the original LP record was released in 1982! On the first press of this LP (you can find the number MCA3001 under the LP serial number MCA 5316 on the record A-side label), Michael Landau does not play his great guitar solo on the track "I Didn't Do it".However, Michael Landau plays great guitar solo on the track which appeared on the later version (you can find the number MCA3050 under the LP serial number MCA 5316 on the record A-side label and also find that the credit "Mixed by Al Schmit").
In October 2002, Cool Sound has just re-reissued this masterpiece with 2 different bonus tracks; "Anything You Say" and "You Forever", which were late 80's unreleased materials and this re-reissue includes both versions of "I Didn't Do It".


Joseph Williams 1st

* You can see the detailed information relating the reissued CD of this masterpiece on my monthly recommended page of July 1998.

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