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What If is the superband comprising of Bob Wilson, Larry Williams, two ex-Seawind members and Tommy Funderburk, the voice of Airplay. The story of "What if" should be back in 1981.... After collapse of Seawind, Bob Wilson and Larry Williams met with Tommy Funderburk and started collaboration. Thus, Bob and Tommy completed an album as a special project "The Front", which was CCM album released under Refuge, Christian label in 1984.
As above-mentioned, "The Front" was not a permanent group, Bob and Tommy formed the new band "What if" with Larry Williams (Keyboards, Sax), Larry Klein (bass) and Michael Thompson (guitar) and they actually did live performances before signing with RCA. According to information from the reliable source, Michael Thompson signed the recording contract with RCA as a member of "What if". However, Michael Thompson left the band before the recording session, and thus another Michael, i.e. Michael Landau played the guitar on almost all the tracks of the album.
Comparing with "The Front", this album is full of straight-hard-pop-rock music with secular lyrics. And it might be noted that Eric Persing, known for his works with Roby Duke added synthetic sounds to this album.

What if / What if

  • Label: RCA Corp. (BMG Music), USA ( CD: 5909-2-R, Vinyl: 5909-1-R)
  • Original Release Year: May, 1987
  • Reissued CD Release <K2 Remastered Version>: October 25, 2000 (BMG Funhouse, Inc. Japan <BVCM-37165>)
  • Producers: Mick Guzauski and themselves
  • What If is:
    • Bob Wilson: Drums
    • Tommy Funderburk: Lead Vocals, Background Vocals
    • Larry Williams: Keyboards, Synth Bass, Sax
  • Additional Musicians:
    • Guitars: Michael Landau, Jakko M. Jakszyk, Dan Huff
    • Bass: Larry Klein
    • Percussion: Paulinho Da Costa
    • Synth Percussion: Eric Persing
    • Synth Programming: Casey Young, Eric Persing
    • Background Vocals: Bill Champlin, Bob Carlisle
  • Tracks:
    1. What if
    2. If This Is Love
    3. Perfect World
    4. One Look
    5. Ride The Hurricane
    6. She Rocked My World
    7. Love Is A Fire
    8. When Right Is Wrong
    9. Turn And Walk Away




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