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Vapour Trails / Vapour Trails


Vapour Trails

The music of Vapour Trails may make you feel that they are one of typical late 70's Westcoast Pop. However please be advised that Vapour Trails was the British group of 3 session musicians! In 1979, this one and only album, recorded at Room 335 Hollywood, Larry Carton's private studio, was on sale. In spite of the excellent contents, this album did not sell well in the States at that time. In April 1981, the epoch-making TV programme, "The Best Hit U.S.A.", which played "Don't Worry Baby" every week at the opening of the programme, had started. The programme continued by September 1989 and "Don't Worry Baby" was also used as the opening theme by the last broadcasting, which made this song one of the most well-known non-Japanese song among Japanese. In 1981, this album was on sale as "The VT's / Autumn Breeze" with the different track order and the different LP jacket under Polystar Records here in Japan because Warner Bros USA had already ended their contract with Vapour Trails.

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