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Eric Tagg

ERIC TAGG 1996 Summer



Eric Tagg was born in Illinois U.S.A. on January 9, 1953. while he was traveling around Europe as a memory of graduation from high school, he had his baggage stolen in Netherlands. At that time, he was assisted by one of Dutch Musicians and this is the reason why Eric started his carrier as a vocalist. Eric joined the band named "Beehive" (1973-1974).

In 1975, Eric (aka Erik Tagg) released his first solo single "A Fantasy c/w "Tell Tale Eyes" (EMI Netherlands<5C 006-25305>) and then, the full-length solo album "Smiling Memories" followed, which was completed with the super musicians including Lee Ritenour , Jeff Porcaro, Mike Porcaro and David Foster. In the same era, Eric was also a member of the band "Rainbow Train" (1975-1979). In 1977, his second album "Rendezvous" was released only in Europe. "Fancy Meeting You" c/w "Lover With Statue" (Poker POS 15017E) was cut as a single record from the album.

In 1979, Eric participated in the NY based band named "Medusa" and sung several songs for the album "Medusa".

It must be the two Lee Ritenour's album that Eric Tagg became well-known all over the world for his vocal works. Yes, those are "Rit" (1980) and "Rit2" (1982). In 1981, Eric released his 3rd solo album "Dreamwalkin'" only for Japan.

Eric has been disappeared after the vocal performances on Lee Ritenour's album "Portrait" released in 1987 for a long time except limited number of session works. In early 90's, Eric had been leading music and singing at Richland Bible Fellowship Church in Texas. Thus, we had to wait for a long time before the release of his 4th solo album "Through My Eyes" in 1997. After this release, Eric did a wonderful live performances here in Japan with L.A. Dream Band featuring Larry Carlton, Harvey Mason, Don Grusin and Eric Marienthal in July 1997. Since 1998, Eric seems to spend most of his time again for pursuing ministry from his home in Greenville, Texas.




    • Label : Vivid Sound Corporation (VSCD-562)(Original: EMI-Bovema Holland <5 C038 25174>)
    • Release Year: 1975
    • Producer: John D'Andrea
    • Musicians:
      • Guitars: Lee Ritenour, Ben Benay
      • Drums:Jeff Porcaro
      • Bass:Michael Porcaro
      • Keyboards: David Foster
      • Conga: King Errison
      • Percussion: Alan Estes
      • Mellotron, Moog: Alan Lendgrin
      • Flute: John D'Andrea
      • Trombone: Jim Amlotte
      • Background Vocals: Jackie Ward, Carolyn Willis, Rebecca Louis, John D'Amlotte, Kendun Fish, Tackle Choir
    • Tracks:
      1. Tell-Tale Eyes
      2. Love To Love You
      3. Castle Of Loneliness
      4. Steamboat
      5. Sandman (Bring Me A Dream)
      6. The Only Thing You Said
      7. A Fantasy
      8. After All
      9. In December's Cold
      10. Never Had The Feelin'
      11. Hang On
Smilin' Memories



1976 Re-rlease jacket





    • Label: Vivid Sound Corporation (VSCD-058) (Original: Basart Records International, Netherlands / Poker <POL 25041>)
    • Release Date: December 15, 1998 (Original Release: 1977)
    • Producer: Hans Verneulen
    • Supported Musicians
      • Drums: George Lawrence III
      • Bass: Larry Tagg
      • Piano: Bert Liggon
      • Guitar: Adam Palma Jr., Han Vermeulen
      • Percussion; Ron Snyder, Wim van de Beck
      • Background Vocals; Dianne Marchal, Kristine Holcombe, Noary Hayns, Larry Tagg, Anita Meyer, Martha Pendleton, Jan Verneulen, Hans Vermeulen
      • Sax and Flute: Art Osbone
      • Trumpet and Flugelhorn: Scott Walker
      • Tenor and Flute: Jeff Richey
      • Trombone abd Boyne: Wayne Harrison
      • Strings: Dallas Symphony Orchestra, The Hague Residence Orchestra
    • Tracks:
      1. Got To Be Lovin' You
      2. Rendez-vous
      3. Lover With Stature
      4. Fancy Meeting You
      5. Marja's Tune
      6. Babies
      7. Mutual Feeling
      8. Soul Touch
      9. Life Goes On (without me)
      10. Living Off The Love (Bonus Track previously unreleased)
      11. The Love I Gave (Bonus Track previously unreleased)
      12. Who Are You? (Bonus Track previously unreleased)
      13. Will They Be Listening (Bonus Track previously unreleased)
Erik Tagg



    • Label : Agharta (Canyon C25A0205) (reissued CD: PCCY-01085)
    • Release Date: February 1982 (reissued CD: January 18, 1997)
    • Producer: Lee Ritenour
    • Musicians:
      • Guitars: Lee Ritenour
      • Drums: John Robinson, Alex Acuna, Rich Shlosser
      • Bass: David Hungate, Abraham Laboriel, Nathern East
      • Keyboards: David Foster, Don Grusin, Greg Mathieson
      • Sax: Tom Scott
      • Horns: Jerry Hey
    • Tracks:
      1. No One There
      2. Marianne (I Was Only Joking)
      3. Promises Promises
      4. Dream Walkin'
      5. In The Way
      6. A Bigger Love
      7. Crybaby
      8. Just another Dream
      9. Marzipan
      10. Maos De Afeto




    • Label: ID NET (AHCA-0003) (distributed by Bandai Music Entertainment)
    • Release Date: January 21, 1997
    • Musicians:
      • Guitars: Lee Ritenour, Michael Thompson, Phil Sheeran
      • Keyboard: Don Grusin
      • Bass: Abraham Laboriel, Larry Tagg, Lance Morrison
      • Drums: Kurt Walther
      • Background Vocals: Bill Champlin, Joseph Williams, Ron Boustead, June Stanley (Junko Yagami)
    • Tracks (Songwriting):
      1. What Say
      2. Never Too Far
      3. Innocent
      4. Selah
      5. All I Can Give
      6. Main Man
      7. Sing Along With Love
      8. Someday
      9. Even Though
      10. Yes Or No
      11. Heaven Is Ten Zillion Light Years Away
Eric Tagg CD Jacket










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