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Sneaker / Sneaker

Sneaker 1st (1981)

Sneaker, known for their Billboard Top 40 Hit "More Than Just The Two Of Us" from their 1st album "Sneaker" (1981) is one of the unforgettable Westcoast group in early 80's. We felt their music were influenced by Steely Dan, Eagles and Doobie Brothers. It is the well-known fact that he group name "Sneaker" is taken from the Steely Dan's tune "Bad Sneaker" which is on the Steely Dan's album "Katy Lied". This 1st album was produced by Jeffrey Baxter (ex Steely Dan and ex Doobie Brothers) and the opening cut of the 1st album is the cover version of Steely Dan's "Don't Let Me In". This 1st album "Sneaker" is nothing but one of the masterpiece album in early 80's.
After the big success of their debut album, they released their 2nd album " Loose In The World" which is also produced again by Jeffrey Baxter in 1982. Unfortunately, Handshake Records who released both of their albums were obliged to be closed while they did Japanese tour with this brand-new album "Loose In The World" in the autumn of 1982. Thus, this album was not well-promoted and as the result, did sell well as thier 1st album. And then, Sneaker had disbanded.




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