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Amy Sky

Amy Sky

Amy Sky is one of finest Canadian female singer and song writer known for her excellent compositions covered by Anne Murray, Diana Ross, Heart, Olivia Newton-John and Belinda Carlisle. After graduating from the University of Toronto's Faculty of Music, Amy sang as back vocals singer for a while. Then Amy moved to Nashville for beginning songwriting in earnest. She was signed with MCA Music in 1985 and soon became one of well-known songwriters. No sooner relocated to Los Angeles in 1986 than Amy quickly gained a reputation for her fine songsmithing sensibility.

 In 1987, Amy decided to go with Capitol Records after consideration several offers from major labels as a new recording artist. By that time, she had met and married with Marc Jordan. Her first album jad been slated for a 1990 release, but an executive shuffle put an end to this project.

  As her family grew, Amy realized she did not want to bring up her children in L.A. (several earthquakes, brush fires and a riot had taken their toll). Amy, Marc and their children returned to Toronto. With creative atmosphere of Toronto, Amy's multiple talents blossomed. Her debut album "Cool Rain" was released in 1996 at last! The album " Cool Rain" earned her 2 Juno nominations, Songwriter of the year in 1996 and Best New Solo Artist in 1997.

Another important event for Amy in 1996 is her leading role in the musical "Blood Brothers" with Michael Burgess and David Cassidy. In 1998, she has released her 2nd solo album "Burnt By The Sun" dedicated to her father, Huck Shiner (1916-1997). In 2000, Amy released a conceptual album "Phenomenal Woman" that explores, inspires and celebrates womanhood.




  • Label : Café Records, Canada (Iron Music Group 77876-51005-2, Distributed by BMG Canada)
  • Release Date: April, 1996
  • Producers: Bruce Gaitsch , Anthony Vanderburgh, David Pickell and herself
  • Musicians:
    • Acoustic & Electric Guitars and Mandolin: Bruce Gaitsch
    • Electric Guitars: Anthony Vanderburgh
    • Slide Guitars: Colin Linden
    • Lap Steel: Greg Leisz
    • Pedal Steel: Ken Greer
    • Bass: Jennifer Condos, Colin Barrett
    • Piano: Mark T. Jordan, David Pickell
    • Drums: Billy Ward, Mark Kelso, Chris Mcneil
    • Percussion: Debra Dobkin
    • Background Vocals: Marc Jordan, Janey Clewer, Sir Harry Bowen, Sweetpea Atkinson, Anthony Vanderburgh,
    • Harmony Vocal on "Til Tomorrow": Richard Marx
    • Fiddle: Rick Sailon
    • Flute: David Boruff
    • Violin: Berj Garabedian
    • Cello: Larry Fisher
    • Harmonica: Tollak Ollstead

Cool Rain

  • Tracks :
    1. Don't Leave Me Alone
    2. If My Heart Had Wings
    3. Til You Love Somebody
    4. I Will Take Care Of You
    5. Wall Against The Waters
    6. Cool Rain
    7. Colorado
    8. Everything
    9. Run Away
    10. Unbreakable Heart
    11. Soledad
    12. Til Tomorrow
    13. Easy Terms
    14. Tell Me It's Not True

  • Remarks : 2 versions of this CD are existing. One is 12 tracks CD and the other is 14 tracks CD including Tracks 13 & 14 from "Blood Brothers" by Willy Russell as Bonus Tracks.




  • Label : Café Records, Canada (Iron Music Group 77876 51027-2, Distributed by BMG Canada)
  • Release Date: April 28, 1998
  • Producers: Anthony Vanderburgh, Steve Mackinnon, Marc Jordan, Bruce Gaitsch , David Pickell, Matthew Gerrard and herself
  • Musicians:
    • Guitars: Bill Bell, David Sinclair, Dave Gray, Jason Fowler, Bruce Gaitsch
    • Acoustic Guitars: Thomas Wade
    • Guitars,Keyboards & Back Vocals: Anthony Vanderburgh
    • Keyboards: Steve Mackinnon, David Pickell, John Capek
    • B3: Dennis Matkosky
    • Organ: Gary Brett
    • Piano and Accordion: Mark Lalama
    • Pedal Steel: Ken Gree
    • Bass: Matthew Gerrard, Steve Webster, George Hawkins Jr., Jennifer Condos, Colin Barrett
    • Drums: Billy Ward, Mark Kelso, Randy Cooke, Chris Mcneil, Randall Stoll, Kevan Mackenzie
    • Duet Vocal on "Soul On Soul", Harmony Vocals on "Love You Always" & Back Vocals: Marc Jordan
    • Harmony Vocal on "Love Pain And The Whole Thing": Tom Cochrane
    • Background Vocals: Tuku Matthews
    • Percussion: Rick Lazar
    • Bells, Shells & Swells: Kevan Mackenzie
    • Violins: Phillippe Dunnongan, Francois Pilon
    • Viola: Christiane Lampron
    • Cello: Annie Gadbois
    • Hand Claps: Ian Rodness

Burnt By The Sun

  • Tracks :
    1. Love Pain And The Whole Damn Thing
    2. Waterfall
    3. Heaven
    4. Ordinary Miracles
    5. Soul On Soul
    6. Please Myself
    7. Burnt By The Sun
    8. Bitter End
    9. First Light
    10. If You Could See Yourself
    11. Forgiveness
    12. Passengers
    13. Love You Always 




  • Label : Song Entertainment, Canada (LP002)
  • Release Date: November 7, 2000
  • Producers: Kim Bullard, Daniel Freiberg, Joy Askew, Anthony Vanderburgh, Dave Pickell
  • Musicians:
    • Keyboards: Kim Bullard, Daniel Freiberg, Joe Askew, Anthony Vanderburgh, Dave Pickell
    • Guitars: Tim Pierce, Sturart Mathis, Mitchell Stein, Bruce Gaitsch, Cameron Greider, Jimmy Zhivago, Dave Pickell, Robbie Steininger, Anthony Vanderburgh
    • Sitar and Esraj: George Koller
    • Bass: Abe Laboriel, Frank Centeno, Paul Pasmore, Miles Hill
    • Drums: Vinnie Colaiuta, Mark Kelso
    • Percussion: Mark Walker, Frank Vilardi
    • Trumpet: Cuong Vu
    • Fiddle: Natalie MacMaster
    • Cello: Erika Duke
    • Uillean Pipes: Pat O'Gorman
    • Duet Vocal (on track 6): Marc Jordan
    • Guest Vocal (on track 7): Angelique Kidho
    • Background Vocals: Tuku Matthews, Cece Bullard, Joe Askew, Richard Page, Louis Price, Dee Daniels, Corey D., Tania Hancheroff, Henri Lorieau, Anthony Vanderburgh

Phenomenal Woman

  • Tracks :
    1. Phenomenal Woman
    2. Come Into My Garden
    3. Angel Baby
    4. Under The Influence
    5. Everywhere
    6. Illuminata
    7. Celebration
    8. When The Morning Comes
    9. Love Yourself
    10. When Did Goodbye Get So Easy
    11. For You, For Me, Forever
    12. I Believe In Us
  • Remarks : 2 versions of this CD are existing. One is the above-listed12 tracks CD and the other is 13 tracks CD with a song called "Touch" and this version was released in 2001 with different track orders.




Only available at Amy's official website. Includes 4 songs "Love Pain And The Whole Damn Thing", "Ordinary Miracles", "Heaven" and "Waterfall" from the album "Burnt By The Sun" (1998) with never before available recordings of 2 songs from the Canadian TV skating special "One Last Time" featuring Barb Underhill and Paul Martini and "We Can't Look Back" from "School's Out"- the Degrassi junior high movie. In addition, 2 duet songs with Marc Jordan and Exchange are also included.

Phenomenal Woman


  • Label : Café Records, Canada (CR001)
  • Release Date: February, 2003
  • Musicians:
    • Keyboards: Matthew Gerrard, Mark Lalama, Steve Mackinnon, Stephan Moccio, Gerald O'Brien, David Pickell, Steve Sexton, Anthnoy Vanderburgh
    • Guitars: Anthony Vanderburgh, Bill Bell, Doug Macaskill, David Sinclair
    • Bass: Matthew Gerrard, Steve Webster
    • Drums: Randy Cooke, Chris McNeill, Mark Kelso, Richard Stall
    • Guest Vocals: Marc Jordan, Zoe Jordan, Tom Cochrane
    • Background Vocals: Anthony Vanderburgh,
    • Violin: Sonia Jun
  • Tracks :
    1. Ordinary Miracles
    2. Heaven
    3. Love Pain And The Whole Damn Thing
    4. Waterfall
    5. I Will Take Care Of You (Acoustic version)
    6. My Life, My Love, My Friend (from "One last time")
    7. Dreamer And The Dream (from "One last time")
    8. Til The Last Teardrop Falls (with Exchange)
    9. Love Called Out My Name (from The Legend Of Prince Valiant)
    10. We Can't Look Back (from Degrassi Junior High - the movie "School's Out")




The album conisits of 5 romantice cover songs, 4 brand new originals and 2 popular classical wedding processionals "The Pachelbel Canon" and JS Bach's "Air" on a G-string, with words from Corinthians have been re-worked and are included. Amy has set lyrics to these timeless gems, and the latter, is a duet with popular pianist, Jim Brickman. And the album also includes the acoustic version of Amy's autobiographical song "I Will Take Care Of You" originally included in her first album "Cool Rain". The new version features the voices of husband, Marc Jordan, and daughter, Zoe Jordan. Last but not least, abbots CD of karaoke style tracks to sing along with for the wedding market, as well as fans that love to sing, is also included.
    • Label: Cafe Records, EMI Canada (P25788484)
    • Release Date: March 25, 2003
    • Producers: Amthony Vandervurgh , Peter Coulman, Marc Jordan, Steve Mackinnon, Eddie Schwartz and herself
    • Musicians:
      • Guitars: Rob Piltch, Mike Francis, Fred Knobloch, Michael Severs
      • Piano: Jim Brickman, Mark Lalama, Brent Barkman
      • Keyboards: Gary Prim, Dane Bryant, Peter Coulman
      • Bass: Colin Barrett, Drew Briston, Jimmy Sloas
      • Drums: Mark Kelso, Randy Cooke, Creighton Doane, Paul Leim
      • Flute: Virginia Markson
      • Clarinet: John Johnson
      • Oboe: Mel Berman
      • Bassoon: Christian Sharpe
      • Flugelhorn: Guido Basso
      • Fiddle: Jonathan Yudkin
      • Cello: Paul Widner, Jonathan Yudkin
      • Pedal Steel: Bruce Bouston
      • Duet Vocal: Carlos Morgan (Tracvk 4), Marc Jordan (Track 6, 7 & 9, 12) Zoe Jordan (Track 12)
      • Background Vocals: Marc Jordan, Alannah Bridgewater, Mike Ferfolia, Tony Raymond
Amy Sky / With This Kiss
  • Tracks:
    1. Love Never Fails
    2. The Way You Look Tonight
    3. More Than Life Itself
    4. Tonight I Celebrate My Love
    5. What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life
    6. With This Kiss
    7. Everything Love Is
    8. We've Only Just Begun
    9. A Walk On The Moon
    10. Twelfth Of Never
    11. Love Me Tender
    12. I Will Take Care Of You ( Acoustic Version)



  • The Best Of Amy Sky - Life Lessons

    • Label : Cafe Records, Canada (82791-20409-3-7)
    • Release Date: April 25, 2006
    • Producers: Greg Johnston, Bruce Gaitsch, Anthony Vanderburgh, Steven Mackinnon, David Pickell, Kim Bullard, Eddie Schwartz and herself
    • Amy Sky : Lead and Background Vocals
    • Musicians:
      • Keyboards: Greg Johnston, Bruce Gaitsch, Anthony Vanderburgh, Steven Mackinnon, Daivd Pickell, Kim Bullard, Gary Prim, Dane Bryant
      • Guitar: Greg Johnston, Bruce Gaitsch. Anthony Vanderburgh, Bill Bell, David Sunclair, Tim Pierce, Stuart Mathis, Pavlo, Rob Piltch, Fred Knobloch, Michael Severs
      • Bass: Greg Johnston, Matthew Gerrard, Steve Webster, Abe Laboriel, Colin Barrett, Jimmy Sloas
      • Drums: Billy Ward, Mark Kelso, Chris McNeil, Randy Cooke, Vinnie Colaiuta, Paul Lein
      • Lap Steel: Greg Leisz
      • Pedal Steel: Ken Greer, Bruce Bouton
      • Fiddle, Cello: Jonathan Yudkin
      • Background Vocals: Marc Jordan, Tom Cochrane, Anthony Vanderburgh, Richard Page, Louis Price, Hay Neale, Alannah Bridgewater, Mike Ferfolia, Tuku Matthews
Amy Sky / Life Lessons


  • Tracks:
    1. Wicked Game
    2. Don't Leave Me Alone
    3. Love Pain And The Whole Damn Thing
    4. If My Hearts Had Wings
    5. Til You Love Somebody
    6. Heaven (Opened Up It's Doors)
    7. I Will Take Care Of You
    8. Ordinary Miracles
    9. I Believe In Us
    10. Do You Dance
    11. A Walk On The Moon
    12. Touch
    13. More Than Life Itself
    14. Angel I The Wings
    15. Phenomenal Woman
    16. Everything Love Is



  • The Lights Of December

    • Label : Cafe Records, Canada (CR007)
    • Release Date: November 18, 2008
    • Producers: Steve MacKinnon, Greg Johnston, Anthony Vanderburgh and herself
    • Amy Sky : Lead and Background Vocals
    • Musicians:
      • Keyboards: Steve Hunter, Greg Johnston, Steve MacKinnon, Jim Brickman, Mark Lalama, Stephen Maccio, Anthony Vanderburgh
      • Guitar: Mike Francis, Greg Johnston, Jamie Oakes, Anthony Vanderburgh
      • Bass: Maury Lafay, George Koller
      • Drums: Lyle Molzan, Mark Kelso
      • Cello: Paul Widner
      • Guest Vocalists: Marc Jordan, Roch Voisine, Olivia Newton-John, Cody Kaery
      • Background Vocals: Mark Masri, Marla Joy
Amy Sky / The Lights Of December


  • Tracks:
    1. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (feat. Marc Jordan)
    2. The Lights Of December
    3. O Come Emmanuel (feat. Cody Karey)
    4. (Your Love) The Greatest Gift Of All (feat. Mark Masri & Jim Brickman)
    5. Silent Night (feat. Roch Voisine)
    6. O Holy Night
    7. Angels In The Snow
    8. Let It Snow
    9. A Mother's Christmas Wish
      (feat. Olivia Newton-John And Jim Brickman)
    10. Let It Shine
    11. Instrument Of Peace (feat. Tyler Hamilton)
    12. That's What Christmas Means






Song Title

Artist/Album Title

Release Year/Record Company


Love Called Out My Name

The Legend Of Prince Valiant (Soundtrack performed by Exchange)

1992 / Mesa (Canada)

written by Exchange and Marc Jordan, Duet with Marc Jordan

'Til The Last Teardrop Falls

Exchange / Exchange

1992 / Mesa (Canada)

written by Exchange, Marc Jordan and Amy Sky, Duet with Marc Jordan

Until The Last Teardrop Falls

David Hasselhoff / David Hasselhoff

1995 / Critique Records (BMG, USA)

written by Exchange, Marc Jordan and Amy Sky, Duet with David Hasselhoff

Love Never Fails Jim Brickman / Love Songs & Lullabies 2002 / Windam Hill, USA

written by Marc Jordan,Amy Sky, J.S.Bach and I Corinthians 13

The Water Is Wide Olivia Newton-John & Friends / A Celebration In Song 2008 / EMI Music, Canada with Olivia Newton-John and Ryan Dan

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