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Marilyn Scott

If you know Marilyn Scott, I believe that you must be a real West Coast Music freak. Her debut single "God Only Knows c/w Lay Back Daddy" had been released in 1977 from Big Tree label under Atlantic Records supported by David Paich and Jeff Porcaro. "God Only Knows" is originally performed by Beach Boys and her disco version was ranked No. 61 on Billboard Chart. Then, she released two albums of her own in United States; "Dreams Of Tomorrow" (ATCO) in 1979 and "Without Warning" (PolyGram) in 1983 which was produced by Michael Sembello. You can listen to her vocal track titled "I Only Have Eyes For You" on the soundtrack album from the motion picture "Twins" starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. And you can find out her name as a guest vocalist on many albums such as Bobby Caldwell's album "Solid Ground" (1991).



Sky Dancing
  • Label: Emotion(Sin-Drome) (Bandai BCCY-1001)
  • Release Date: March 21, 1991
  • Producers: Russell Ferrante, James Haslip, Bobby Womack and herself
  • Musicians:
    • Keyboard: Russell Ferrante
    • Guitar: Michael Landau, Carlos Rios
    • Bass:James Haslip
    • Drums: Ricky Lawson
    • Horns: Mark Russo, Jerry Hey
  • Tracks:
    1. Show Me Your Devotion(Duet with Bobby Caldwell)
    2. Till I See You Again
    3. You Only Come Around
    4. It's Only A Heart
    5. Sky Dancing
    6. The Restless Own The Night
    7. Turn On The Moon
    8. Inside Of Love (Duet with Bobby Womack)
    9. Suspicious Minds
    10. Keep Sayin' No
    11. The Visitor



  • Label: Emotion(Sin-Drome) (Bandai Visual Co. BCCY-1005)
  • Release Date: March 21, 1992
  • Producers: Russell Ferrante, James Haslip, Brenda Russell, Larry Williams and herself
  • Musicians:
    • Keyboard: Russell Ferrante, Tom Snow, Larry Williams
    • Bass: James Haslip
    • Drums: Vinnie Colaiuta
    • Percussion: Paulinho De Costa
    • Background Vocals: Leslie Smith
  • Tracks:
    1. Smile
    2. Got That Man On My Mind
    3. Walking My Way To You
    4. Me Surrounded By You
    5. Giving Up On Love
    6. Photograph
    7. You Don't Know Me
    8. Love Understands
    9. Goldmine
    10. Sadness



Take Me With You
  • Label: Warner Bros. (USA: 7599 45906-2 Japanese:WPCR-0763)
  • Release Date: April 23, 1996 (Japan: July 25, 1996)
  • Producers: Russell Ferrante, James Haslip, George Duke, Michael Colina, Ray Bardani, Dori Caymmi and herself
  • Musicians:
    • Guitar: Ray Fuller, Michael Landau, Dori Caymmi, Ricardo Silvera, Nick Moroch
    • Keyboard: George Duke, Russell Ferrante, Bob James, Joe Sample
    • Bass: Fred D. Washington, James Haslip,
    • Drums: John Robinson, Claudio Sloan, Will Kennedy
    • Sax: Everette Harp, Boney James, Steve Tavaglione
    • Trumpet: Half Rickert
    • Percussion: Paulinho De Costa
    • Background Vocals: Brenda Russell, Jim Gilstrap, Maxayne Lewis, Lori Perri, Carloe Perri
  • Tracks:
    1. Let Me Be The One
    2. I'm Calling You
    3. Close Enough
    4. Take Me With You
    5. Bird Of Beauty
    6. The Summer Knows
    7. Modern Man
    8. I'm In Love Once Again
    9. That's The Way It Should Be
    10. Just To See You Again
    11. Jazz Ain't Nothing But Soul (bonus track only for Japan)
    12. In Your Eyes (bonus track only for Japan)
  • Remarks: This title is major label release and distributed internationally. Japanese version has 2 bonus tracks (tracks 11, 12).



Avenue Of Love
  • Label: Warner Bros. (USA: 7599 46859-2) (Japan: WPCR-1847)
  • Release Date: March 26, 1998 (USA), <April 5, 1998 (Japan)>
  • Producers: George Duke, Jimmy Haslip, Russell Ferrante and herself
  • Musicians:
    • Keyboards: George Duke, Russell Ferrante
    • Guitar: Ray Fuller, Michael Landau, Mike Miller, Paul Jackson Jr.
    • Bass: Fred D. Washington, Jimmy Haslip
    • Drums: Joseph Heredia, Will Kennedy
    • Percussion: Rafael Padilla, Paulinho da Costa
    • Horns: Bob Mintzer, Walt Fowler
    • Sax: Brandon Fields
    • Background Vocals: Lori Perry, Sharon Perry, Carolyn Perry, Jim Gilstrap, Alvin Chea, David Thomas
  • Tracks:
    1. Starting To Fall
    2. I Like To Dance
    3. Avenida Del Sol
    4. The Look Of Love
    5. Heaven's Design
    6. Love Is A Powerful Thing
    7. Hold You Up
    8. Hey Love
    9. Get Home
    10. The Last Day
    11. Tryin' Times (bonus track only for Japanese Version)



Marilyn Scott'sselected standard tunes and tried to give them new vitals with fabulous musicians - George Duke, Vinnie Colaiuta, Ray Fuller, Brian Bromberg, Dean Parks, Brandon Fields, Dan Higgins and more. The smooth and sophisticated voice of Marilyn Scott is more than perfectly suited to present great jazz classics. Japanese version is released almost a year later with 3 bonus cuts. "You Don't Know What Love Is" is taken from 2001 album "Walking With Strangers" and "The Look Of Love" is taken from 1998's "Avenue Of Love". "Jazz Ain't Nothin' But Soul" is the bonus track only for Japanese version, featuring Brandon Fields, Russell Ferrante, Will Kennedy and Jimmy Haslip. The Must have bonus track for her fan.
Marilyn Scott / Nightcap
  • Label: Victor Entertainment, Japan (VICJ 61272) (US orginal: Prana Entertainment, USA <6-98286-0005-2)>)
  • Release Date: May 21, 2005 (US original: August 31, 2004)
  • Producer: George Duke
  • Musicians:
    • Keyboards: George Duke
    • Drums: Vinnie Colaiuta
    • Bass: Brian Bromberg
    • Guitar: Ray Fuller, Dori Caymmi, Dean Parks
    • Sax: Dan Higgins, Brandon Fields
    • Percussion; Lenny Castro
    • Vocal: Dori Caymmi
  • Tracks:
    1. You Don't Know What Love Is (bonus track)
    2. The Look Of Love (bonus track)
    3. I Wished On A Moon
    4. Smile
    5. Here's That Rainy Day
    6. Stardust
    7. Isn't This A Lovely Day
    8. Here's To Life
    9. Yesterdays
    10. Jazz Ain't Nothin' But Soul (bonus track only for Japanese Version)
    11. If It's The Last Thing I Do



This Japan-only new studio CD efeatures 10 American standard songs with a bunch of stellar jazz musicians. Marilyn spent 3 days in New York City in late August 2007 recording this straight-ahead 4 beat jazz vocal album only for Japan. You might remember that Marilyn released an album "Nightcap" in 2004, covering eight jazz standards such as "Stardust", and if you love "Nightcap" album, this is another one for you.
Marilyn Scott / Every Time We Say Goodbye
  • Label : Venus Records, Japan (TKCV-35419)
  • Release Date: February 20, 2008
  • Producers: Tetsuo Hara, Todd Barkan
  • Marilyn Scott: Vocals
  • Musicians:
    • Piano: Cyrus Chestnut
    • Guitar: Paul Bollenback
    • Bass: Gerald Cannon
    • Drums: Willie Jones III
    • Sax, Clarinet: Ken Peplowski
  • Tracks:
    1. Every Time We Say Goodbye
    2. I Got Lost In His Arms
    3. Lonely Town
    4. Detour Ahead
    5. Do You Know The Way To San Jose?
    6. Autumn In New York
    7. I Love Paris
    8. Cry Me A River
    9. Caravan
    10. Somewhere


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