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Tony Sciuto / Island Nights


Island Nights

It may be hard to imagine for non-Japanese that Tony Sciuto was one of the most successful AOR artists selling an album in Japan at the opening year of 80's and that on the FM radio, Japanese boys and girls could listen to his smash hit "Island Nights" many times every day. After selling quite a large number of "Island Nights" LP copies here in Japan, Tony did Japanese tour which was very successful too. Unfortunately, Tony's "Island Nights" did not sell well in the States and as the result, neither his 2nd album "Be My Radio" which was ready to go nor his live-recordings of Japanese tour had been released by 1999. And now, Tony himself made it possible to listen to this masterpiece album "Island Nights" as the 20th Anniversary Limited Edition CD with 4 bonus tracks <2 live recordings and 2 unreleased tunes>. Now is the only chance to add this masterpiece to your AOR/Westcoast CD collection.

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