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Michael Ruff / Once In A Lifetime


Michael Ruff / Once In A Lifetime

Michael Ruff was born in Saltlake City on December 20, 1958. He released this album "Once In A Lifetime" in 1984 distributed by Warner Bros, USA as his first solo debut album. Before releasing this album, he was touring with Ricky Lee Jones in 1982 / 1983 as the musical director and then touring with Chaka Kahn in 1984. His music is basically based on Jazz, R&B, Blues and pop music and on every album of his, you can find his calm vocals with his natural piano play.

Michael Ruff continuously releases his own album from minor label in the world. His second album "Michael Ruff" (only 1,000 copies) was released in 1988 from French label named La Califusa, 3rd album was released under name of "Michael Ruff Band" in 1992 from Denmark Sony, 4th album "Speaking In Melodies" was released in 1993 from Shefield Labo of USA. And 5th mini album "Shake A Little" was out from Border Music of Sweden in 1995 and more....





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