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David Roberts / All Dressed Up

David Roberts was born in Boston and grown up in Toronto, Canada. One demo song changed his fate when he was 19. David got a deal with WEA Canada and went to Los Angeles to record his first album with all star line-up musicians listed below. He wrote all songs of this album including "Anywhere You Run To" which was covered by Diana Ross later.

At Sunset StudioDavid looked back on the recording sessions of the album and said "I recall entering the once famous Sunset Sound Studio in Hollywood. The musicians had their setups in place. I was totally in awe. It was really truly exciting to me. There was Jeff Pocaro, Steve Lukather, and Mike Pocaro with me at the keyboard. As you can imagine, it was also a little intimidating to be jamming your songs with some of the world's best, but these guys were professional and made me feel comfortable right away. I recall one day when I was noodling at my keyboard during a break and Jeff Pocaro, who absolutely loved to play drums all the time, enthusiastically began to play along with me. Steve Lukather and Mike Pocaro would take his lead and begin to jam on my keyboard rift. As the days progressed, I found our jams to be as much fun as actually recording the record. I have to tell you that after playing and recording with these guys, it's been really hard to lower my standards when recording with other musicians. There's a reason these guys are the best. Unfortunately Jeff Porcaro passed away several years ago ( far too soon) but I will always have the fondest memories of our time together. As an artist recording a record, there is nothing like hearing your songs come to life in such an inspired way by such wonderful musicians. These guys were so enthusiastic and also a lot of fun to hang out with. They liked to play practical jokes on each other and had real good senses of humour. I also remember shooting hoops on the studio lot every afternoon. I like to think we became fast friends because they hung out at the studio longer then they needed to be there. Talking or eating dinner, offering suggestions on how to approach the next song that was slated to be recorded. I even heard from David Leonard, the studio engineer, that one night when Toto was recording in the same room, they played David Paich our previous days work. I like to think they were proud of their contribution. It was a special moment in time not only for me but also for them. Toto was busy completing what would turn out to be their multi grammy winning record Toto IV at Record One Studio in the Valley. On a few occasions they invited me to come over to hear what they were working on, unfortunately I was burning the candle at both ends trying complete my record (12-14hrs in the studio). I wish I had gone."

David Roberts 82In any event, "All Dressed Up..." was released in 1982. The sound of the album is really the one of Toto's because Porcaro brothers and Steve Lukather supported on all tracks of this album. Thus, this album became one of the legendary album among WestCoast / AOR music lovers since then. However, we could never have his 2nd solo album during 80's. In 1994, we had heard the news that David won the prize of the song contest for opening theme of Kansai International Airport Japan, with his song titled "Sora-Ni-Mukatte (Reach Out To The Sky)". And around the same period, it seemed that David prepared more than 10 brand-new demos. In spite of our expectation, we could not have his 2nd solo album again in 90's. In 2003, David Roberts is back with Tommy Denander, one of the good Swedish guitarists / songwriters. Now, we can listen to David's unchanged voice on Frédéric Slama's project album "AOR / Dreaming of L.A". And now in 2008, David is returning with his brand-new full studio recording album titled "Better Late Than Never".


    • Label : Warner Music, Canada (1st reissue CD: Warner Music Japan <WMC5-434>, 2nd reissued CD: Vivid Sound Corporation, Japan <VSCD-3343:Limited Paper Sleece Edition>/<VSCD-3369>)
    • Release Year: 1982 (2nd reissue: July 26, 2006/July 23, 2008)
    • Producer: Greg Mathieson
    • Executive Producer: Jay Graydon
    • Musicians:
      • Guitars: Steve Lukather, Jay Graydon
      • Drums: Jeff Porcaro
      • Bass: Mike Porcaro
      • Keyboards: Greg Mathieson, Michael Boddicker, David Foster
      • Sax: Gary Herbig
      • Percussion: Paulinho Da Costa
      • Background Vocals: Bill Champlin, Tom Kelly, Jim Hass, Joe Chemay, John Joyce
      • Strings Arrangement: Jeremy Lubbock, Jerry Hey
      • Convert Master: Jerry Vinci
David Roberts / All Dressed Up
  • Tracks:
    1. All In The Name Of Love
    2. Too Good to Last
    3. Someone Like You
    4. Boys Of Autumn
    5. She's Still Mine (That's My Girl)
    6. Wrong Side Of The Tracks
    7. Midnight Rendezvous
    8. Anywhere You Run To
    9. Never Gonna Let You Go
    10. Another World


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