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Rick Rhodes


Rick Rhodes is well-known as the music composer/producer/director who won many Emmy Awards to his works such as Michael J. Fox's TV Comedy "Family Ties" (NBC Network) and "Guiding Light" (CBS Network). His compositions has been used on many TV Program; "Friends" (NBC), "Melrose Place" (Fox) and "General Hospital". The song "Live It Up" featured on the movie "True Lies" (1994) is his composition.
His songs are recorded by Patti Austin, Daiane Schuur, Tom Scott, Bill Champlin, Joey Scarbury and many more. In addition, you must remember that he is one of talented recording artist in the Adult Contemporary Music scene. Rick Rhodes released 2 original albums featuring many good musicians as below. However, we will not have another wonderful album in spite that he planned to release it around Summer of 2004 after he had a malignant brain tumor removed on September 5th, 2003. It is with great sadness that we must share the news that Rick passed away on November 2, 2005. Rick had high hopes of his recovery and vowed to get his life back. We should know that Rick fought very bravely. Rick will live forever in the wonderful music he made.
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Rick Rhodes

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