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Many visitors to my webpage ask me where the albums mentioned can be available in the world. Needless to say, Out-of print albums (CDs / LPs) are very hard to find out.... Who knows where you can get them?

However, Relating to the new released CDs or CDs still on the catalog, you can get the albums by contacting the following retailers strongly recommended as Adult Contemporary Music / A.O.R. / Westcoast Pop specialized retailers. They can accept your international mail orders via their website or e-mail. Check them out right now! (Some of them offer you rare used titles. Check them out too!)


A.O.R. CD / Collectors Vinyl Retailers Websites

You can order almost all of CDs reviewed on my website except out-of-print titles!

And you can also browse their catalog on their own webpages.


AOR Heaven (German based A.O.R. CD Retailer)

You can order German releasing Westcoast pop / A.O.R. CDs plus various Japanese releasing CDs!

Hi-Fi Record Store (Japanese based A.O.R./ C.C.M Collectors Vinyl Retailer)

You can get many hard-to-find AOR/CCM vinyls through this amazing Japanese record store. They would accept your international orders.

Cruisin' Music

Cruisin' Music
(Japanese based A.O.R./ C.C.M Mega Rare used vinyls/CDs and New Release CD Mail-Order Retailer)

You can get Japanese pressing AOR/CCM new-release CDs, reissued CDs and also Hard-to-get used CDs/Vinyls. International Orders and Want Lists would be accepted. For Japanese, you can order the Euro pressing / US pressing indie AOR/CCM CDs through this retailer too.

A.O.R. Used CD/LP Retailer

AOR Treasures
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AOR Treasures is your best source for obscure and out of print AOR Music!!
Over 100 CD titles-Over 450 LP titles in current catalog.
Priced wants lists also gladly attempted.

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