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Brett Raymond

Brett Raymond
Brett Raymond was born in Dayton, Ohio, USA in 1958. After receiving a composition music grant from Brigam Young University, Brett started his professional music career with the band "Souvenir" in 1982, released two singles in USA on Curb/MCA Records. In 1986, Brett went far east music central city, Tokyo, JAPAN and worked as a composer and arranger for pop records, radio and television commercials there.

In his Tokyo days, Brett got a chance to release his first solo album "Only Love" on Sixty Records (distributed by Nippon Phonogram). Although this album was released only in Japan, the name of Brett Raymond became recognized steadily among AOR/Westcoast Music lovers over the world because of high quality of his music featuring Brett's soft and gentle pop vocals.

Back in the States, he settled down in a suburb north of Salt Lake City, Utah. Since 1987, Brett is working as composer, arranger, studio musician, and singer there. As well-known, Brett played synthesizer on "When You Look In My Eyes" for the great Jay Graydon's album "Airplay For The Planet" in 1993. Besides writing and arranging theme music for TV programs the theme for the "Today Show" on NBC, production music for TV stations, network Promos, etc, Brett restarted to release his own solo albums on the Dessert Book/Shadow Mountain label, USA in 1994 with his 2nd solo album "Primarily For Grown-Ups". Brett has constantly released his solo albums; "Primarily For Christmas" (1996), "First Light- Scenes From The Restoration vol. 1" (1997), "A Case of Pop" (1998) and "Primarily For Grown-Ups Again!" (2001).




  • Label : Sixty Records distributed by Nippon Phonograms Co., Ltd., JAPAN (32SD-7)
  • Release Date: November 25, 1986
  • Producers: Jay Gruska and himself
  • Executive Producers: Akihiro Mino and Yutaka Fujimoto
  • Musicians:
    • Keyboards: Jay Gruska, Randy Waldman
    • Guitars: Steve Lukather, Michael Landau
    • Bass: Michael Porcaro
    • Cymbals, etc.: John Keane
    • Percussion: Michael Fisher
    • Sax and Steiner: Steve Tavaglione
    • Background Vocals: James House, Joseph Williams, Jay Gruska

Brett Raymond / Only Love

  • Tracks:
    1. Walk Into Love
    2. What About Me (And You)
    3. Only Love
    4. It's Not Like The Movies
    5. Send It To Me
    6. When You Say You Love Me
    7. Please Don't Look At Me That Way
    8. We Just Can't
    9. Some Chances Around Here



  • Label : Desert Book, USA (DB5173)
  • Release Year: 1994
  • Producer: himself
  • Musicians:
    • Guitars: Tom Hopkins, Dave Blasucci, Michael Dawdle
    • Sax: Arien Card
    • Oboe: Holly Gornik
    • Tambourine: Jim Hollister
    • Duet Vocals on track 1: Joseph Williams
    • Background Vocals: Joseph Williams, Brittany Raymond, Aymee Raymond,Carlee Raymond, Kelsey Raymond
    • Strings: Paul Abegg, Meredith Campbell, Leslie Harlow, Cathryn Manning, Natalie Reed, Cynthia Richards, Richard Stout, Lois Swint, Gwen Thornton, Lynnette Thredgold

Parimarily For Grown-ups

  • Tracks:
    1. Prologue (Through A Child's Eyes)
    2. "Give," Said The Little Man
    3. Keep The Commandments
    4. Book Of Mormon Stories
    5. The Handcart Song
    6. Father, Do You Love Me?
    7. Oh, What Do You Do In The Summertime?
    8. Stairway To Lasting Joy
    9. In The Leafly Treetops
    10. When Joseph Went To Bethlehem
    11. My Heavenly Father Loves Me
    12. Epilogue (Through A Child's Eyes)



  • Label : Shadow Mountain, USA (SM52882)
  • Release Year: 1996
  • Producer: himself
  • Musicians:
    • Guitars: Tom Hopkins, Michael Dawdle
    • Bass: Pat Smith, Jim Stout
    • Drums: Todd Sorensen, Dave Weckl
    • Percussion: Todd Sorensen, Dave Weckl
    • Sax: Tom Scott
    • Background Vocals: Jenny Frogley, Tanya Terry, Joseph Williams
    • Violin: Tom Baron, Lenny Braus, LoiAnne Eyring, Therena Hicks, Karen Hughes, Katharine Kunz, Natalie Reed, Judy Rich, Richard Stout, Lois Swint, Janice Vincent, Barbara Williams
    • Violas: Leslie Harlow, Marlo Ortiz, Gwen Thornton, Jeff Wagner
    • Celli: Ellen Bridgerm Ryan Selberg

Primarily For Christmas

  • Tracks:
    1. Prologue / Remember The Child
    2. Here We Come A Carolin'
    3. Jolly Old St. Nicholas
    4. Stars Were Gleaming
    5. We Wish You A Merry Christmas
    6. Silver And Gold
    7. Toyland
    8. Reprise / Remember The Child
    9. Up On The Housetop
    10. Christmas Time Is Here
    11. A La Nanita Nana
    12. Somewhere In My Memory
    13. Away In A Manger
    14. Remember The Child

FIRST LIGHT - Scenes from The Restoration -

  • Label : Dreams Book, USA (DB52722)
  • Release Year: 1997
  • Producer: himself
  • Executive Producer: Earl Madsen
  • Co-Producer, Orchestral Sessions: Kenny Hodges
  • Musicians:
    • Guest Vocalists: Felicia Sorensen (track4), Marvin Payne (track5), Peter Breinholt (track7), Judd Maher (track11), Roger Hoffman (track15), David Brrrus (track16), Kenneth Cope (track18)
    • Orchestra:
      • Violin: Meredith Campbell (concert master), Tom Baron, Bonnir Bennett, Jackie Coleman, Kathryn Collier, Emily Day, John England, Beverly Hansen, Theresa Hicks, Karen Hughs, Kathryn Kunz, Mellisa Lewis, Lara Messerly, Jennie Outram, Natlie Reed, Judy Rich, Cynthia Richards, Richard Stout, Lois Swint, Gwen Thornton, Janice Vincent,, Teresa Welch, Ruth Whetstone, Barbara Williams
      • Viloa: Leslie Harlow Chris McKellar, Mario Ortiz, Lynn Rilling, Joel Rosenberg,, Jeff Wagner
      • Cello: Carolee Baron, Mark Bell, Ellen Bridger,, Bonnie Felger, Nicloe Jackson, James McWhorter, Warren Mueler, Kevin Shumway, Audret Terry
      • Bass: Ben Henderson, Lola Lowry, Claudia Norton
      • Flute: Kristen Gygi, Sally Humphreys, Jane Lyman
      • Oboe and English Horn: Holly Gornik, Brad Smith
      • Clarinet: Daron Bradford, Ed Cabarga, Russell Harlow
      • Bassoon: Mitch Morrison, LuAnn Phyle
      • French Horn: Steve Kastyniak Larry Lowe, Steve Proser, Jane Wooley
      • Trumpet: Ryan Anthony, Bob Brown, Anthony diLoenzo
      • Trombone: Bryan Hofheins, Russell McKinney, Bryce Meeham
      • Percussion: Ron Brough, Kenny Hodges, Todd Sorensen
      • Harp: Lysa Rytting
      • Acousti Guitars and Banjo: Michael Dowdle
      • Solo Cello: Nicole Jackson
      • Piano and Accordian: Brett Raymond

First Light

  • Tracks:
    1. Main Theme / Prologue
    2. How Is A Boy To Know?
    3. Serious Reflection (Instrumental)
    4. A New Day
    5. Who Is This Joseph?
    6. Main Theme / "Insults" Reprise
    7. Insults
    8. I Can't Deny It
    9. Emma's Theme (Instrumental)
    10. Get The Gold / Chase
    11. Home At Last, Safe At Last
    12. The Work Continues (Instrumental)
    13. Lost
    14. Main Theme / "Still" Reprise
    15. Still My Servant, Still My Friend
    16. Days Never To Be Forgotten
    17. Sing With Joy
    18. Lisetn, Listen (Filling The Hunger)
    19. All That Was Giv'n
    20. Main Theme / Epilogue



  • Label : Shadow Mountain, USA (SM53612)
  • Release Year: 1998
  • Producer: himself
  • Musicians:
    • Guitars: Tom Hopkins, Sean Halley, Michael Dowdle
    • Mandolin: Michael Dowdle
    • Bass: Pat Smith, Craig Poole, Jim Staut
    • Drums: Bick Vincent, Todd Sorensen
    • Percussion: Todd Sorensen
    • Tambourine: Ron Brough
    • Sax: Marc Russo
    • Harmonica: Kurt Bestor
    • Background Vocals: Nolanda Smauldon,Holli Ammon, Tanya Terry, Jenny Frogley, Cody Hole, Judd Mahr, Randy Porter, Felicia Sorensen, Randy Thornton, Joseph Williams
    • Strings: The "BR Soda" Strings

A Case Of Pop

  • Tracks:
    1. Angel's Gonna Find You
    2. Early Day's A Summer Day
    3. Through Your Eyes
    4. Changing Trains
    5. Hury Up, Heaven
    6. Jasmine Afternoon
    7. Summertime
    8. She Loves Me
    9. Everything's Now
    10. (Headed For) Higher Ground
    11. When You Look In My Eyes
    12. The Ride
    13. Right Here Is Fine




  • Label : Desert Book, USA (DB55322)
  • Release Date: February, 2001
  • Producer: himself
  • Musicians:
    • Drums: Todd Sorensen, Vinnie Colaiuta
    • Bass: Pat Smith, Jim Stout, Eric Wahlengren
    • Guitars: Tom Hopkins, Michael Dowdle
    • Percussion: Todd Sorensen
    • Sax: Tom Scott, Ray Smith, Daron Bradford, Dave Halliday
    • Trombones: Bryan Hofheins, Lou Campbell
    • Trumpets: Charlie Davis, Tony DiLorenzo
    • Background Vocals: Maxine Waters, Julia Waters, Oren Waters, Jenny Jordan Frogley, Ramona Lambert, Kenneth Cope
    • Violins: Lenny Braus, Tom Baron, Meredith Cambell, Jackie Coleman, Kathryn Collier, Amy Jackson, Judy Rich, Judd Sheranian, Lois Swint, Gwen Thornton
    • Celli: Ellen Bridger, Jim Hardy
    • Horns: Ron Beitel, Steve Kostyniak
    • Chrous: Kevin J. Abbott, Juan F. Badal, Devin Brown, Seth N. Child, Stephen Jackson, Brian V. Jensen, Michael Jensen, Brian T. Lee, Masa, Ben Nielsen, John W. Parker, Jeffrey Richardson, Randy Lawrence Seely, Salt Lake Children's Choir
Brett Raymond / Primarily For Grown-Ups
  • Tracks:
    1. Prologue (The Child I Am)
    2. Lift Up Your Voice And Sing
    3. I Think When I Read
    4. Army Of Helaman
    5. Truth From Elijah
    6. I'll Walk With You
    7. The Wise Man And The Foolish Man
    8. Popcorn Popping
    9. I Have A Graden
    10. Christmas in Zarahemla (Samuel Tells Of The Baby Jesus)
    11. How Will They Know?
    12. The Child I Am




    • Label: Aosis Records - Victor Entertainment Japan (VICL-69067)
    • Release Date: February 21, 2002
    • Producers: Kaz Masumoto and himself
    • Vocals, Piano, Keyboards, Percussion: himself
    • Musicians:
      • Drums: Vinnie Colaiuta
      • Bass: Pat Smith, Eric Wallengren, Rob Honey
      • Guitars: Michael Dowdle, Tom Hopkins, Grant Geissman
      • Guest Vocalist: Katherine Nelson Thompson, Angela Winston
      • Sax: Brandon Fields, Brian Booth, Ray Smith, Andy Suzuki
      • Trumpets: Tony DeLorenzo
      • Percussion: Todd Sorensen
      • Background Vocals: Tanya Barkdull, Jenny Frogley, Dandy Porter
      • Violins: Meredith Campbell, Natalie Reed, Tammie Gallup, Bryan Hernandez-Luch


Brett Raymond / Feel Like Rio
  • Tracks:
    1. Waters Of March
    2. Agua De Beber (Water To Drink)
    3. Comfortable
    4. Vince Goes To Rio
    5. Dindi
    6. Feel Like Rio
    7. Favela




    • Label: n/a (self-release)
    • Release Date: December, 2004
    • Brett Raymond Imitation Jazz Trio is:
      • Drums: Todd Sorensen
      • Bass: Eric Wallengren
      • Keyboards,Vocals: Brett Raymond
    • Guest Musician
      • Background Vocals: Tany Barkdull
    • Remarks: Track 3-5 are taken from "Primarily for Christmas", which are newly remastereed.


Brett Raymond / Feel Like Rio
  • Tracks:
    1. Feel Like Christmas Time
    2. Christmas In L.A.
    3. Jolly Old St. Nicholas
    4. Up On The Housetop
    5. We Wish You A Merry Christmas



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