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In Japan, Adult Contemporary Music which includes AOR, West Coast Pop and some Contemporary Jazz Music (Fusion Music) is still very popular. Therefore, many albums not released in the U.S.A are released only in Japan (and later in some other countries in Europe such as Sweden). In this situation, I would hereby show you Adult Contemporary Music CDs Release information not on sale in the U.S.A. (Some items may be released later on.) And furthermore, I have just decided to give you CD/Vinyl Release information which are available only in Europe, Canada or under minor labels in U.S.A. They are also struggling for offering good music to the world.

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Amy Sky
Bill Cantos
Bill Champlin
Bill LaBounty
Bobby Caldwell
(Last Update: Jan. 1, 2009)
(Last Update: May 3, 2007)
(Last Update: Jan. 8, 2009)
(Last Update: Sept. 22, 2009)
(Last Update: May 5, 2009)
Bobby Kimball
Boy Meets Girl
Brett Raymond
Brother Time
Bruce Gaitsch
(Last Update: Aug. 9, 2009)
(Last Update: Jan 3, 2005)
(Last Update: March 20, 2005)
(Last Update: Dec 13,1997)
(Last Update: Jan. 3, 2007)
Carmen Grillo
Clif Magness
Christopher Cross
David Foster
David Roberts
(Last Update: Apr. 14, 1997)
(Last Update: Aug. 9, 2009)
(Last Update: Mar. 15, 2003)
(Last Update: Jan. 15, 2009)
(Last Update: May 7, 2011)
Eric Tagg
Fee Waybill
Fergie Frederiksen
George Hawkins Jr.
(Last Update: May 5, 2008)
(Last Update: Sept. 30, 2000)
(Last Update: Aug. 27, 2000)
(Last Update: Apr. 29, 1996)
(Last Update: Apr. 29, 1997)
Janey Clewer
Bruce Gaitsch & Tommy Funderburk (King Of Hearts)
Jason Scheff
Jay Graydon
(Last Update: May 13, 2012)
(Last Update: May 3, 2007)
(Last Update: Jan 8, 2009)
Jonathan Butler
Joseph Williams
Kiki Ebsen
(Last Update: Sept. 15, 1999)
(Last Update: Jan. 8, 2009)
(Last Update: Aug 20, 2007)
King of Hearts
Lara Fabian
Leslie Smith
(Last Update: May 7, 2011)
(Last Update: Aug. 23, 2009)
(Last Update: Oct. 23, 1995)
Lou Pardini
Marc Jordan
Mark T. Williams
(Last Update: Oct. 24, 1998)
(Last Update: May 7, 2011)
(Last Update: May 5, 2008)
Marilyn Martin
Marilyn Scott
Michael Sembello
(Last Update: Aug. 4, 2002)
(Last Update: May 5,2008)
(Last Update: August 13, 2003)
Narada Michael Walden
Ned Doheny
Peter Beckett
(Last Update: Dec. 16, 1995)
(Last Update: May 7, 2011)
(Last Update: May 3,2007)
Peter Cetera
Planet 3
(Last Update: Jan. 3,1996)
(Last Update:May 1, 2004)
(Last Update: May 3, 1998)
Randy Goodrum
Rick Rhodes
Ricky Peterson
(Last Update: Mar. 15, 2003)
(Last Update: Jan. 2, 2006)
(Last Update: Dec. 24, 1995)
Robbie Dupree
Robbie Nevil
Robert Lamm
Sherwood Ball
Stephen Bishop
(Last Update: May 5, 2008)
(Last Update: Jan. 3, 1996)
(Last Update: April 24, 1997)
(Last Update: Nov. 15,1997)
(Last Update: May 3, 2007)
Tamara Champlin
Tom Keane
Tom Saviano
Tommy Denander
Tommy Funderburk
(Last Update: June 19, 1996)
(Last Update: May 3, 2007)
(Last Update: March 24, 2000)
(Last Update: Dec. 5, 1998)
(Last Update: Feb. 25, 2007)
Warren Wiebe
Wendy Moten
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Compilation Albums 2
Compilation Albums 3
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