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Maxus / Maxus


Maxus is one of the legendary AOR groups in early 80's. Their sound style was compared with that of TOTO's. Michael Landau, the best guitarist as Steve Lukather in the early 80's westcoast music session scene, Robbie Buchanan, very popular session keyboard player in those days and Jay Gruska as the lead vocalist had formed this group.
For your information, Michael Landau had been known as the guitarist of Boz Scaggs Band in those days. You can listen to Jay Gruska's high tone vocal and amazing guitar play of Michael Landau's and perfect combination of the other band members on this album. The Sound is more sophistcated than Toto's and reached almost same sound quality as that of Jay Graydon and David Foster's Airplay's by Michael Omartian production .





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