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Bill LaBounty / Bill LaBounty

Bill LaBounty

After releasing his first album "Promised Love" in 1975 from 20th Century Records, Bill released his second album titled "This Night Won't Last Forever" including the same titled smash hit song in 1978 from Curb Records.
Then he released two albums, "Rain In My Life" in 1979 and "Bill LaBounty" in 1982 which was distributed by Curb Records.
Since 1983, he has been as a songwriter rather than a singer, his works are for example as follows: "Holding Out" by Peter Cetera including the album titled "One More Story"(1988), "No Explanation" by Peter Cetera from the movie soundtrack "Pretty Woman"(1990).
This is the 4th album released in 1982 including the typical Adult Contemporary song titled "Livin' It Up" which is well-known by the Ricky Peterson's cover version.


Japanese Version LP and 2000 reissued CD


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