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King of Hearts



"King of Hearts" is a duo comprising Tommy Funderburk, well-known and talented vocalist and Bruce R Gaitsch, guitarist/great songwriter known for his smash hits "La Isla Bonita" of Madonna or "Don't Mean Nothing" of Richard Marx. However, otiginal King Of Hearts is the band of Bruce, Tommy plus George Hawkins Jr. and Kelly Keagy and their 1st album "1989" has been unreleased till today.
Here is Bruce's comment about the original KING OF HEARTS 1989 recordings:
" This is record was recorded in 1989/90 by David Cole and myself. It was so much fun to do and the comraderie of the band was incredible. Some of my fondest memories of making music stem from this time. Tommy, Kelly and George's vocal blend is still one of the most powerful I've ever heard. Tracking in the famous Capital studio B was awesome. We had way to much fun and I think we captured a great moment in our lives with this record. A transition period..a spurt of growth captured on tape. It never came out due to politics, now thanks to Toshi we all have the chance to hear it in it's original state...very powerful. Enjoy.."
They describe their music as "American music....simple songs which people can sing and play the guitar to." "King Of Hearts" must be one of the best unit in 90's AOR/Westcoast Pop scene!



King  Of Hearts 1st (1994)



Joy Will Come



Midnight Crossing







King Of Hearts / 1989 King Of Hearts / 1989 Euro version












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