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Ray Kennedy / Ray Kennedy

Ray Kennedy 

Philadelphia born Ray Kennedy became knwon around late 60's when Ray participated in the band called "Group Therapy" and released 2 albums. In 1970, Ray released his first solo album "Raymond Louis Kennedy" with the independent label named Cream. Around 1973, Ray performed with Dave Mason as a guest vocalist for his touring. In 1976, Ray Kennedy's name became well-known due to the 2 acclaimed albums "KGB" and "Motion" of the super blues rock band K.G.B formed with Barry Goldberg (Keyboards), Mike Broomfield (Guitars) and others including Carmine Appice (Drums). In spite of the acclaimed band members past brilliant careers, KGB was not successful in terms of sales, thus disbanded. Ray restarted his solo works and released this 2nd solo album "Ray Kennedy" in 1980.Ray got big success in Japanese market but no success again in the states very much except "Just For The Moment" ranked #82 on the chart.




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