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I started this website in November 1995 because I could find out very few Music Site mainly dedicated to "A.O.R. (Adult Oriented Rock)", for which European Music Lovers called as "Westcoast Music" in those days. And at that time, I had been aware that the music category called as "A.O.R." in Europe was a little different from so-called one here in Japan. In Europe, when people use this word "A.O.R.", it means that more hard-rock / melodic rock oriented music category, and on the other hand, the music so-called "Westcoast Music" in Europe is also a little different from our "A.O.R.".

Due to preventing the confusion between the difference of definition of "A.O.R.", I decided to name my website as "Adult Contemporary Music In Japan". The word "Adult Contemporary Music" is generally understood that it includes not only "West Coast Pop Music" but also a part of "Black Contemporary" plus "Smooth Jazz/Fusion".

It did not take a long time to receive attention of music-lovers in the world. And at the same time, some talented musicians in Adult Contemporary Music scene and some record companies have offered me their supports for updating my pages. (Special thanks to Sherwood Ball for giving me a chance to meet you and introducing me to many talented musicians. Without your assistance, I could not build up this website.)

I hope you will understand how "A.O.R."/ "Adult Contemporary Music" is really great by reading the information described here.

Takeshi Ito (known as "Takeito")

With Sherwood Ball

Sherwood Ball with Miwa, my wife and me

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Bruce Gaitsch and Janey Clewer with us (1997)
Bruce Gaitsch and Janey Clewer with us in 1997

Bruce& Janey, You are the best!

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Special thanks to great musicians supporting this website alive!

Jasno Scheff with me (1998)

Tamara Champlin and Tom Saviano with Miwa (1998)

Bill Champlin with me (1998)

Jason Scheff with me

Tamara Champlin, Tom Saviano with Miwa

Bill Champlin with me

Bill Cantos and Tommy Funderburk with me (1996)
Bill Cantos and Tommy Funderburk with me

West Coast All Stars with us (1998)

Tommy Funderburk, Joseph Williams, Bobby Kimball with us

Carmen Grillo with me

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