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Bill LaBounty "Back To Your Star"



Bill LaBounty / Back To Your Star

  • Tracks (US edition)
    1. Back To Your Star
    2. California Turnaround
    3. Dianne
    4. Stay High
    5. Old Habits
    6. Running On Fumes
    7. Cinderella
    8. Hwy 85
    9. Golden Now
    10. The Wheels Are Coming Off
    11. Fly Away
    12. River Girl
    13. California Turnaround (radio mix)


Cdjapan Jazz_Fusion
Japanese Edition


Bill LaBounty March 29, 2006It was November 2005 when I heard that Bill LaBounty was hard at work on a brand-new studio album with fresh material and an incredible new band. And we could listen to several unfinished tunes on his official website around that time. On March 29, 2006, Bill performed live with old friends Robbie Dupree, Michael Johnson, Jim Photoglo, with Rick Chudacoff and Arno Lucas to perform at Nashville's 12th and Porter for Nashville's annual Tin Pan South festival. In late June of this year, Bill visited Tokyo and performed live at Cotton Club as the special guest for Robbie Dupree. Then Bill performed the title tune of his upcoming brand-new album "Back to your Star", in addition to his good old melodies; "Livin' It Up", "Dream On", "Mr. O", "This Night Won't Last Forever".

At last, we will have the brand-new album "Back To Your Star" soon, which features some of his favorite Nashville studio players such as Danny Parks, David Hungate, and Larry Carlton will also be contributing tracks, along with some of Bill's favorite Los Angeles players and friends. And please be advised that acoustic version of himself and Larry Carlton performing "Livin' It Up" only for Japanese edition.

  • Label: Chill Pill Records (USA), T.a.c.s Records (Japan) <TACM7>
  • Release Date: June (USA, Europe), May 27, 2009 (Japan)
  • Producers: Danny Parks and himself
  • Bill LaBounty: Lead & Background Vocals, Electric Piano, Keyboards
  • Musicians:
    • Bass: David Hungate, Michael Rhodes
    • Guitars: Danny Parks. Larry Carlton
    • Drums: Braian Fullen, Tommy Wells
    • Acoustic Piano: Gordon Mote
    • Sax: Sam Levine
    • Blues Harp, Harmonica: Robbie Dupree
    • Percussion: Steve Wariner
    • Background Vocals: Robbie Dupree, Suzanne Young, Tom Flora, Steve Wariner
  • Tracks (Japanese edition) LaBounty09illustration
    1. California Turnaround
    2. Back To Your Star
    3. Dianne
    4. Hwy 85
    5. Stay High
    6. Old Habits
    7. Fumes
    8. Cinderella
    9. Golden Now
    10. The Wheels Are Coming Off
    11. Fly Away
    12. River Girl
    13. Livin’ It Up (new acoustic version)


Bobby Kimball's solo project

Bobby Kimball

After finsihing the final tour with Toto in April 2008, Bobby Kimball is now doing his solo album recordings. The new project was originally started with Jason Scheff of the band Chicago as a producer in February 2007. Due to Jason's hard schedule with Chicago, it seems that Billy Sherwood is now producing this record as of April 2009. We will see how new Kimball's solo release would be....

The Bossa Nova Hotel "Moon Island"




Sembello-Janey-Gaitsch 2008Bossa Nova Hotel is a new group whose members include Michael Sembello, Bruce Gaitsch and Janey Clewer. Together, with the mentoring and guidance of Dick Rudolph, they have created a new concept in music; blending the timelessness of classic love songs with the Brazilian bossa nova and salsa. They have drenched each track with extravagant vocal harmonies and sensual rhythms. The result is something truly unique. As you know, eight of the selected songs are featured on two different compilation CDs for Pronto cafes in Japan along with other artists such as Bobby McFerrin, which were released July 4th of 2008. Included on the Pronto releases and the upcoming full CD release is a song recorded to benefit Kid’s Earth Fund called "Through A Child’s Eyes". Kid’s Earth Fund has been helping children throughout the world for over 20 years. We will have the full CD release for EMI Music Japan in May, 2009. The CD features "La Isla Bonita" written by Gaitsch with Patrick Leonard and originally performed by Madonna "Maniac" written and originally performed by Sembello, one of the Brazilian standard songs "A Day In The Life Of A Fool" ("Manhã de Carnaval") and Bobby Caldwell's "What You Won't Do For Love".

  • Label: EMI Music, Japan (TOCP70756)
  • Release Date: May 27, 2009
  • Tracks
    1. It's All In The Game 2. After The Love Is Gone 3. Maniac
    4. A Day In The Life Of A Fool 5. Tainted Love 6. Lovin' You 7. Let's Groove

    8. Feelin' Alright 9. La Isla Bonita 10. Inside My Love
    11. What You Won't Do For Love 12. That's The Way Of The World
    13. Through A Child's Eyes 14. Lovin' Yo



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Noteworthy Information (Last Update: Jan 6, 2008)


(Howland, Laug, Morrison and Pinnick)

new project

Keith Howland


Keith Howland, the current guitarist of the band Chicago has just started to record the new "Howland, Laug, Morrison and Pinnick" project. As you know, Chris Pinnick was with the band Chicago. The first recording session was done in early February 2007 at Jason Scheff's home studio. Jason participated as just an engineer, not be a musician on the project. Reportedly, they have got 4 fantastic tracks. They gathered again to record more materials at the same studio in late February, 2007. Stay tuned!

Ruggero Robin


Ruggero Robin


Available for licensing!

  • Tracks:
    1. Pace Amore  
    2. No Tomorrow  
    3. Averna Dreams
    4. Holidays in Venice
    5. You Only You
    6. The Whisper
    7. Two Kinds of love
    8. Fragolino
    9. Fooled Again
    10. Once Again
    11. Sushi Fingers

Ruggero Robin, an Italian guitarist already completed his 4th solo studio-recording CD "Everyday Magic" in 2003, which includes the recording session done in mid April 2001 accompanied by Bruce Gaitsch and Janey Clewer. Ruggero says "A big help in playing and producing the tracks came from Bruce and Janey. They really contributed to put some "magic" into it. So the album is titled "Everyday Magic". The album has been ready to go since 2003 for the suitable distribution and licensing deals.

Ruggero visited Japan with Italian Orchestra (Orchestra Italiana Napletana 2005) late June and performing all over Japan in June / July 2005. This has made me possible to inform how this long-awaited album is remarkable. Janey sings on 6 songs, and Bruce plays the guitar on 7 tracks and Bruce & Janey co-wrote most of tunes together.

The album is opened by the calm relaxing tune "Pace Amore" featuring Janey Clewer's wordless vocal. Excellent adult contemporary vocal tune titled "No Tomorrow" featuring Janey follows. I can say that this song must be one of the best Janey's vocal tunes. Guitar-oriented tune "Averna Dreams" is a little bit different one from the ordinary instrumental music by Janey's wordless vocal. You might have a chance to listen "Holidays in Venice" which appeared on the compilation album "Guitars For Freedom II" (2002). "You Only You" is jazzy vocal tune again with Janey. "The Whisper" is also very fine again with Janey's wordless vocals. "Two Kinds Of Love" cannot be ignored because of Marc Jordan.

Dear Mr. A&R, why don't you visit Ruggero Robin's official website for possible licensing deal ?

  • Executive Producer: Ruggero Robin
  • Producers: Ruggero Robin & Bruce Gaitsch
  • Musicians:
    • Ruggero Robin: nylon, acoustic, electric, synth, 12 string guitar.
    • Bruce Gaitsch: nylon guitar
    • Janey Clewer: vocals, backing vocals
    • Marc Jordan: vocals
    • John Patitucci: acoustic bass
    • Franco Testa: acoustic bass
    • Federico Malaman: electric bass
    • Paulinho Da Costa: percussions
    • Maurice Ravalico: percussions
    • Marco Catinaccio: percussions
    • Billy Ward: drums
    • Marco Carlesso: drums
    • Marco Pandolfi: harmonica
    • Francesco Signorini: organ, electric keyboards
    • Sergio Pietruschi: keyboards
    • Ascanio Scano: piano
    • London Philharmonic Orchestra:
      • Randy Waldman: conductor arranger
      • Assa Drori, Juliann French, Darius Campo, Andrea Byers: violin
      • Andrew Picken, Elizabeth Wilson: viola
      • Dane Little, Ian McKinnel: cello
      • Jacopo Jacopetti: soprano sax, tenor sax




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