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Randy Goodrum

Randy Goodrum is one of the best Adult Contemporary Music songwriter. Randy was born in Arkansas on July 7, 1947. In 1977, his song "It's Sad To Belong" performed by England Dan and John Ford Corey had ranked #7 on US Chart. He wrote US #1 hit and Grammy awarded song "You need Me" performed by Ann Murray in 1978. After then, he continued to write many hit songs such as "Oh, Sherry" and "Foolish Heart" performed by Steve Perry on his first solo album titled "Street Talk" (1984), "I'll Be Over You" by Toto (1986), "If She Would Have Been Faithful" by Chicago.
Randy released his first internationally released solo album titled "Solitary Nights" (GRP Records GRP-D-9527) in 1985 produced by himself with Dave Grusin and Larry Rosen as executive producers.





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